Wind Waker Wii U Bundle Coming

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be releasing a special Wii U bundle to coincide with the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

The bundle will include a Wii U console and a GamePad adorned with a Hylian Crest and symbols from the series, as well as a code to download the game from the e-Shop.


In the UK, this will launch on the same day as the game, October 4th and is priced at £249.99.

For those that live in the US, it will be available from 20th September, which is two weeks before the official retail launch of the game. Jealous? I know I am.

And for those that aren’t interested in Zelda (so no one then?), a Lego City Undercover bundle will launch two weeks later at the same price point. Not played that game yet? Check out our review here!


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