Undead Overlord: Upcoming Zombie Domination RTS Game by JumpCore Productions

Have you ever wanted to take over the world? If the answer is yes, you might want to check in to your nearest anger management centre; that or you could keep a close eye on the development of a rather mouth-watering indie title by JumpCore Productions.

Undead Overlord is a Zombie Domination Real Time Strategy (RTS) game being developed on tablet and desktop platforms. It brings us something different in the Zombie genre in that players are in charge of the Zombie horde and not the elite SWAT team or gang of misfits tasked with eliminating the undead!


Taken from UndeadOverlord.com:

As an Undead Overlord, the world is yours to conquer and remake in your own grotesque image.

  • Make your horde deadly enough to overwhelm modern armaments.
  • Grow deadly Boss Zombie mutations with behavior and abilities modified to provide strategic advantages to your horde.
  • Time powerful special attacks properly to maximize effects.
  • Create the most chaos possible in your quest to undermine the very basis of reality!

 Bringing many of the classic RTS controls and strategies into the mix, Undead Overlord’s design includes a custom touch screen interface for tablet players. Inspiration from the huge body of work in the fertile zombie genre led to one of the distinguishing aspects of the game’s design:

                                                           Your enemy is your resource.

It all sounds pretty ace to me and something fresh in the Zombie genre.


The team at JumpCore Productions have a fair amount of experience between them in the gaming industry; experience which seems to be paying off and can hopefully give them and the game that final push over the finish line in getting Undead Overlord to the masses. After reading Cameron Petty’s Developer Blog, it’s clear that it’s been a long hard road to get to the position he and the team are today; with a playable alpha build and a Kickstarter campaign within touching distance.

I’ve got hold of Cameron Petty (CEO & Creative Director) to see how things are coming along.

Marvipan: Hi Cameron! You mention in your blog that you impatiently launched your game play trailer on YouTube and IndieDB recently. Was that a proud moment for the team and what sort of reaction has it received?

Cameron: Hi Marv! That was definitely the culmination of a lot of work, both on the game itself and on that particular video. So, yes you could say that was a proud moment, although possibly even more of a “phew!” moment 🙂 As for the reaction to the video, so far it’s been unanimously positive, both on YouTube and on IndieDB, which is hugely gratifying for the whole team.

Marvipan: How is the Kickstarter campaign preparation coming along?

Cameron: It’s coming along great! We’re pretty close to having most of our zombies in row for that, although one thing we’ve realized is that before we launch we need to make sure that enough people are aware of the game. Towards that end we’re really psyched that Developer’s Accomplice is doing a preview piece! Also, another piece of good news, we’ve been accepted to participate in the official Kickstarter review panel at PAX this Saturday (http://prime.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/kickstarter-live), where we should get a bunch of great advice and some additional exposure. Very excited about that!


Marvipan: What’s been your favourite part of developing Undead Overlord so far?

Cameron: For me, personally, I’d have to say that it was seeing my original design for a giant floating brain (with a dangly vestigial body) become a reality and a working part of the game. Using the Brain Zombie to control hapless human soldiers and turn them against their squad mates is ridiculously fun to do somehow . . .

Marvipan: Taking off your developer cap; as a gamer what is it that you’re looking forward to most in terms of playing Undead Overlord?

Cameron: Well, aside from the Brain Zombie thing – it’s probably just controlling a large horde of Grunt Zombies, setting them loose on a group of soldiers or survivors, and watching the battle quickly degenerate into a gruesome melee. There’s something visceral about the fact that the action is taking place in a typical midwestern American small town that makes it more entertaining than the same sort of RTS gameplay taking place in a fantasy or deep space sci-fi setting.


Well there we have it folks, a sneak peek into the world of Undead Overlord. I hope it can succeed where Treyarch failed with their ‘Turned’ mode in Black Ops 2 in terms of controlling zombies. It sounds promising and I’m excited to see the Kickstarter campaign get off the ground as well as getting my hands on the game.

Stay tuned to JumpCore Productions for updates:






We’ll also bring you more Undead Overlord action after release so stay tuned for that, and keep it Developer’s Accomplice for more Indie game previews and reviews. Thanks for stopping by.

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