Superlumina: First Contact Review

Superlumina: First Contact, developed by Straight to Video Games, is a turn-based sci-fi puzzle-strategy game of exploration goodness.

As humanity ventures into the unknown, they are swiftly caught up into a ongoing raging war of epic proportions.

Battles subsequently take place on a grid-battle based format, usinge a variety of units, from soldiers to artillery you aim to defeat your opponent and dominate the grid.

Limited moves and a small work area restrict the battle, making every move important. Lining soldiers against artillery will obviously result in a swift defeat, so orchestration is key. Formation of both offensive and defensive groupings, using the different units, resembles the intricacies of chess rather than a video game at times.


Featuring four different species to battle, in a brilliantly hand-drawn style, with solo and multiplayer there is plenty to keep you going. Superlumina also features an expertly crafted soundtrack that really sets the battle scenes.

Although the game is not as easily accessible as an Angry Birds, there is room for the casual gamer here, something Straight to Video Games pointed out to us when we were chatting with them in the development stage. Whilst the single-player may be more complex than say the former, the fact you can take on friends and rise through leaderboards certainly offers something for everyone.

Priced at $2.99 Superlumina is pretty well priced for a game that offers extensive multiplayer battles, so if you are going to play with friends then this is a bargain. If you tend to play on your own, I think maybe you could wait a little longer for a price-drop. Either way, I think this is a brilliant game that creates an atmosphere of exploration, whilst giving you a fantastic strategy fix. Bravo Straight to Video Games, Bravo.

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