A Statement Against Charging For Coverage

It’s a topic that has been discussed a lot recently, and the practice has regularly been denounced by leading Indie Developers and outlets across the internet, but evidently Indie Developers still feel the need to pay for reviews and coverage. What’s worse is that there are many websites out there that actually offer that ‘service’ in the first place.

I’m an Indie Dev working on a couple of projects and I can attest to how daunting trying to publicize you game can be. Especially if, like me, you’re just starting out. It’s part of the reason why I also write for Developers Accomplice. I know how hopeless it can seem to stand in front of the infernal abyss that is the internet and try to get people interested in what you’re making. I do my best to reach out to other Indie Dev’s because I want to help them in whatever way I can. I do it because I love it and because I understand that any help is appreciated.

However, it sickens me that there are websites out there that seek to take advantage of developers in my position. I really don’t know what’s worse; knowing that some developers think it’s necessary to pay for coverage, or knowing that some people think it’s right to exploit the vulnerable. It makes contacting press outlets seem like an even more frightening and prohibitive process, and it makes the life of writers and websites who cover Indie Games out of love even harder.

So I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say that if you’re an Indie Dev, NEVER pay for coverage. Call out the sites that do. If you’re a website that charges for coverage, know this; you’re damaging Indie Dev’s and you’re damaging the credibility of the sites who love covering Indie game. Paying for reviews does not work. It damages the industry as a whole, and lines the pockets of those who do not deserve the the cash.

If you have a game you want to talk about, please get in touch with us at Developers Accomplice. As the name suggests, we want to help you! If you want to chat about being an Indie Dev, get in touch with me personally on Twitter.


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