State Of Decay: Lifeline – Survivors Handbook

*Excerpt From An Unnamed  Ranger’s Fields Notes, Recovered From A Black Friday Supply Run*

Surviving in this damn city is not easy. All the airdropped firearms from HQ don’t mean a damn. You start using your gun and you won’t be able to stop firing until it breaks from overuse.

So when the Brass decide to try and establish an outpost here, they’ll need to know what I’ve learned. Otherwise their operation will be FUBAR before it’s even started.


The City Is Empty…

Don’t bother searching the buildings. Most are empty. Before they all turned, people had long ago looted everything before taking to the highway when things got real bad.

This ain’t the country, where everything gets horded and a sense of community is real; the city is all about consumption, now more than ever.

Call in supplies from HQ whenever you can. I doubt you’ll be trying to set up a long-term base so order, consume, repeat.

If things get desperate, search the trucks and vans that dot the roads; they’re more likely to have stuff you’ll need. More likely than the buildings anyway.


…Except For The Zed’s

This city is ground zero for this mess. Rubble and corpses block off most of the routes into the city center from the outside, but that doesn’t stop the Zed’s from flooding out.

There are too many to fight. Out in the suburbs, it’s probably easy to go all out on a Horde but this close to the city center you really can’t afford to get bogged down in a fight. They’ll just keep coming.

What’s worse is instead of thinning out, more and more Zed’s flood out of the city center each day. So avoid fights where you can. If you do get into a fight, make sure you’ve got an exit route as that’ll be the only way you’ll get out alive, more often than not.

Stay low, and don’t stay in one place for long.


Keep Mobile

The city center is off limits, but there are a few districts accessible along the highway that might be worth exploring. That does mean a lot of trips up and down the highway though, and for that you’ll need a vehicle.

Don’t bother with those sporty looking cars that the bankers kindly left their keys in; they’ll get you from A to B quickly but probably only once. They’re too fragile, and the highway is littered with burning wrecks, corpses and rubble. You’ll need a 4X4.

I know the army has some nice new armored jeeps, so make sure you find out who to call to get a fresh ride every damn day. Failing that there are still a few civilian trucks out there that are usable.

Stay slow, drive careful and make sure your resident mechanic is working day and night. You don’t want to be walking home. Ever.


Fire Greater Than Firepower

Smart-ass title I know, but it’s true. Guns won’t save you. They’ll kill you.

Each shot you fire will summon a dozen more Zed’s from the city. And even silenced, you’re less mobile and prone to being surrounded.

Instead raid a liquor store and make some Molotov’s. Hell, go all out and start making petrol bombs. A fireball will cook those Zeds in seconds, continue burning for a short while after and all for the low, low cost of one shattered bottle.

In terms of noise-caused to death-dealt, Molotov’s and Petrol Bombs are much, much better off at dealing with a situation that you might be tempted to just shoot through.

Also, for added insurance, befriend your local mechanic; they’ll more than likely be able to attach pressure sensors to firebombs, which make them even more useful. Just make sure you give them the right tools and workspace, otherwise everything will go up in flames.


Go In With Backup Or Go Out With A Bang

Don’t go it alone. I’ve made that mistake and that’s why you’re probably reading this instead of hearing me preach it over a whiskey.

Grab a friend. Someone you trust, or failing that someone with more authority than you. Go for the former because you know what they’re good at and what they’re bad at and you know they’ve got your back. Go for that latter because you can let them take some weight and they might be able to call in some bigger favors if you need something special.

Let them pick up some slack if you’re getting tired, or if you know what you’re out to get, let them stand guard. Having someone watch your back is paramount, and one extra pair of hands is a considerable force multiplier.

Still, if things are looking grim and you’re situation is FUBAR in every possible way, try to ensure you go down in a place that can be accessed by your team. The Zed’s are only after your flesh from your bones and not the supplies in your pack, and in most cases your pack’s location will be transmitted the rest of your team for recovery.

Before you take your last breath, pull the pin on that grenade. Easier said than done, but rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t be coming back, and neither will the Zeds that took you down. The Kevlar will save your backpack, don’t worry.


State of Decay: Lifeline is out now on Steam and XBLA. Check our review out here for our thoughts on the DLC and links to storefronts.

Did you enjoy this Handbook-style guide? Top-Tips Articles can be a bit dry, so putting a lore-friendly spin on writing a guide is something we’re trialing. Did we fail, or did we entertain and, hopefully, help? Let us know via the comments or Twitter!

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