Star Trek Game and Movie

I apologise in advance to any Star Trek fans that were at the birth of its massive universe, I’ve only seen two of the latest films so forgive me if I insult any Trekkies’ intelligence with my review.

To put the vastness of Star Trek into prospective for those who don’t know, there’s a full alien language you can learn called Klingon incorporated into the Star Trek universe. I think there’s even a religion dedicated to it, or actually it may be Star Wars – for God sake do not get those two mixed up or at the same party!

I’ve always known about Star Trek but I’ve never given it any attention. It has already released numerous films and a lifetime worth of television series so I figured it was too late for me.  But then J.J. Abrams released his vision of the universe and went boldly where – I just won’t.  And told this massive story from the beginning in my most loved format!  For me it was totally new, but to the real fans it must be more enjoyable to recognise the references and the characters.

Abrams’ first Star Trek was released in 2009 and was an immediate hit with mostly everybody, fans from the older stuff, and people like me who had never seen it before; I’d be proud to say I’m a fan of Star Trek but it might insult the real fans who have dedicated entire rooms to their collection, where as I’ve only just started mine.

Due to the success this movie was destined for, a sequel was soon confirmed. And four prosperous years later Star Trek Into Darkness was released. This sequel had so much to offer the fans of Star Trek and those who were dragged to see it. My friend for example, I made him see it with me, even though he hadn’t seen the first one or any of the Star Trek stuff.  He saw the franchise as little “nerdy”, as did I until I realised I was actually a nerd. We both loved the sequel, it pumped up the action, the visuals, the story telling, the dangers; everything a sequel should.  The main antagonist was just one man; I believe there’s something more threatening about one guy bringing star fleets to their knees than some alien armada.

The beauty about these films is you don’t have to know the previous stuff to really enjoy them, my friend was glad he watched it. And IMAX was worth every extra penny! The sound really shines above the rest on the correct scenes.

J.J. Abrams is going to the dark side and helming the upcoming Star Wars film. Whether he does more than the one I don’t know yet, but I think it would be safe to say it’s likely.  Star Wars fans shouldn’t be disappointed with this man’s arrival.

So with Star Trek being so currant right about now, it would be stupid not to release a game while the topic’s hot.  And so the creatively named ‘Star Trek’ was released, but only to bring with it some disappointment. It was as if the developers were more interested in making some quick money than honouring this great universe, how strange? The 3rd person mechanics were frustrating; the cover based action was clunky and full of glitches, for both the player and the bots. The graphics were a little poorer than what you’d expect at this time of human evolution. The story was okay, not the best they could have come up with though; Star Trek has a million stories to tell, new and old.

If this game had more dedication from its developers it could be something spectacular, imagine Star Trek in the scale of Halo. I guess for an amateur fan like me the game wasn’t that great, but if you’re a real fan of Star Trek then you’d probably like the storytelling and look beyond the poor development. Star Wars had their great games with The Force Unleashed, where’s ours?  Oh well, I guess all there is to say now is Live long and… You know the rest.

I’d give Star Trek the game a 3 out of 10 but the films an 9 out of 10.

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