Splinter Cell Blacklist How To Guide

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Hello everyone welcome to the Developer’s Accomplice tips and hints how to guide. Designed to help you on your way to become the next true Splinter Cell.


Choose Your Play Style

In Splinter Cell blacklist there are three playstyles, Ghost, Panther and Assault. Ghost is silent and not deadly, no alerts no kills and plenty of mercy. Panther is silent but deadly. Assault is loud and proud. The best way to tackle Ghost is by equipping the best distraction and non-lethal gadgets such as Tri-Rotor, sleeping gas grenades, noisemakers etc… remember to keep the hand to hand takedowns non-lethal and alert none of the guards. If you can leave guards undisturbed and you can sneak around them by all means do that and that gives you the biggest bonuses and thus cash reward at the end of the mission. If you’re a panther and want to take out guards, essentially your guns come in handy, make sure your pistol is silenced and has good handling for accuracy. The sniper comes in with a recommendation here too as it is capable of sending ‘heavy’ infantry to meet their maker with a swiftly placed face shot. Sometimes the shot will pierce a helmet and earn you the silent kill. Best not to go for loud gadgets like frags and incendiary too as these will alert nearby guards and switch your points to be earned as assault points. Assault means go in load and proud, throw grenades, plant mines and get detected to your hearts content. Ensure cover is available and make your shots count make them headshots and make the enemy be happy about brushing bullets out of their teeth.


Customisation is Key

As Fisher and his team tackle the engineers and attempt to stop the Blacklist attacks, you earn money with each finished mission. The missions range from key single player Blacklist missions or side missions which can be completed solo with Fisher or with Briggs too, co-op could be easier but only if you both play in the same style. No good being a ghost when your partner is going in loud and proud! These missions can ensure your earn the cash in advance of the single player and unlock the hidden items for completing the fourth echelon side missions (not to forget the achievement for doing so). Priority should be speaking with Grim and upgrading the Paladin, these upgrades have a knock on effect on your mission experience so upgrade those first. Bear in mind that gear is the next option to go for, get the crossbow and upgrade from the stun gun, get all the additional crossbow ammo bolts and you should be all set to support your playstyle. Get your ops suit upgraded and make sure it supports your playstyle, if your a ghost focus on stealth!


Co-operation In Style

When playing fourth echelons missions it’s best to go in with a friend, if you have no mates then you’re going to have issues. Definitely invest in a partner, so long as you agree pre-mission which playstyle you’re going for. Have identical gadgets and gear, no good you wearing full combat gear and your partner is almost invisible, noisemaking and heftiness of the gear play a big part in stealth. Remember to explore your surroundings as most levels accomodate co-op play and has shortcuts like dual breaches or dual lift available to use. Going solo you’ll need to be that little bit smarter.


Points to Remember Me By

Remember that Blacklist is the hybrid of double agent and conviction. You may remember the old ‘knock knock’ trick or the famous ‘whistle’ the old AI wasn’t intelligent enough to differentiate these noises when compared to a human voice and did the same thing, the AI would lumber towards Sam and earn himself a one way ticket into the afterlife. However in Blacklist if you whistle when the guards are on caution or too often some of them are smart enough to realise it’s a little bit ‘fishy’.


Explore Explore Explore

If you want to do it like a true perfectionist there is always a way around the enemy make sure you explore the surroundings on your missions, if you don’t look for an alternate route you won’t find one. There are opportunities to earn additional cash littered on the maps, in the form of dead drops, hackable blacklist laptops and HVT captures. Do this to boost your mission earnings and remember to explore to find them or upgrade your Paladin as mentioned earlier to get their locations revealed on your HUD.

There you have it a few tips on Splinter Cell Blacklist to help you maximise your game time and earnings.



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