Spider-Man Unlimited is almost just that.

Spider-Man Unlimited has been available to download for a few weeks now and if you haven’t downloaded it yet then you’re really only letting yourself down.

It’s completely free to download and costs nothing to play. Obviously if you run out of lives and are too impatient to wait until they replenish then you can pay for more and some other little extras but there’s really no need.

Think Temple Run mixed with Subway Surfers mixed with Spider-Man and you essentially have a picture of how the game works and looks. But that doesn’t mean it’s just another cheap knockoff.

It’s highly addictive and enjoyable to play, ideal for when you’re waiting for something or sitting on the toilet.

At its core it is built with the same premise of the previously mentioned games but it has its own unique features. It has a very Spidey feel to it, with content spanning over 60 years of the Spider-Man universe; making it more rewarding to be fan but not necessary.

It’s beautifully created – especially the colours – and it flows flawlessly.

There’s plenty to do, consisting four game modes, one of which has you completing and competing challenges against other player worldwide, renewing when the deadline runs out. And another, the main story of the game, changes once completed so there’s tons to keep you entertained.

I can’t believe this game is free for the amount of content that comes with it. You should absolutely give it a go. Search ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ in the play store.

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