Sixty Second Shooter Prime

One minute of pure addictive simplicity, Sixty Second Shooter Prime is truly one of those games that keeps you coming back for more punishment time and time again.

Simple graphics and a less than groundbreaking fundamental gameplay SSSP is unlikely to change gaming’s future, however it may keep you tied over when struggling for something to play this summer.

Navigating a small area filled with enemies chasing you down, all you have to do is avoid being touched or shot by one of them. Well I say all you have to do, really you want to negotiate through portals and collect power-ups in order to get the highest score possible. The real heart of the game, high score chasing is what brings you back for more.



The later you leave the power-ups and weapons you use the more points you are likely to get. Being bold is the aim of the game, go too soon and your points total can be tiny, leave it too late and you may not make the full sixty seconds.

If the pure pace of SSSP’s one-minute time frame is too much you can play an unlimited time mode, however you are unlikely to survive beyond two minutes anyway.

I am not going to say this is a game to challenge the Destiny Beta this summer or a true groundbreaker, but I picked this up on Xbox One for less than £10 and it is something that I go to every time I have a few minutes to do some gaming and it never disappoints.


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