Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments


Being a big fan of Sherlock Holmes on-screen and paper, I already loved the game before I had even played it. And if you’re with me on that, I think you will be the same.

Negatively, the game play is slow and repetitive. Positively there’s so much more. It’s highly addictive, gathering evidence, making deductions, choosing your suspect, making your verdict and handing them over to Scotland Yard for punishment or letting them go.Frogware’s third person point and click format has finally reached the comfort it needed. The story telling is as good as Conan’s, Holmes at his best. (In a Console)

This was my first Sherlock Holmes video game and I’m really not disappointed with it, it made me want to play some of Frogware’s past Holmes releases. But saying that, it brings me back to a demo I played many years ago for one of their releases called ‘The Testament of Sherlock Holmes’ and as I recall it was one of the worst games I had ever played, I was completely gutted how Sherlock had been portrayed in the game world. But I’ve read some of the old reviews and they’re mostly positive so maybe I was too quick to judge.

Crimes and Punishments is exactly what a Sherlock Holmes game should be, I feel that Frogware has outdone its self and I’m thoroughly looking forward to future releases. Acting as Holmes you’ll solve six separate cases in and around London including, Murder, theft and treason, arguably seven with a little bonus at the end. Using Holmes’s singular intelligence to put clues together and create deductions to lead you to build a case against the perpetrator of the crime. Nearly all of the cases have more than one suspect with a motive and the ability. With the possibility of everybody to have committed the crime it’s up to you to review the evidence you’ve collected and let Scotland Yard know your verdict.

Depending on your choices, innocent people could be hung or the guilty may go free, each case has multiple endings for each case depending on your choice. The game is resonating around the Russian novel Crimes and Punishment, it focuses on the choices you make whether to condemn or absolve the guilty. The cases are packed with content, story and choices. I was incredibly gutted and wanted more when I completed it, so I would certainly buy another instalment if Frogware releases one.

The game play is generally slow throughout, there’s no action apart from some surprise moments when a character tries to harm you, Watson or even themselves.

Using Unreal Engine 3 visually creates the world to a level games should all be by now, the scenery and building of 19th century London are beautifully done. The game play is still a third or first (whichever you prefer) person point and click; which wasn’t a put off for me. It’s smoothly executed and didn’t grow tiresome.

A fan or an amateur detective will love this but if you’re looking for thrills and explosions, this won’t be for you.

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