Revealed:Grand Theft Auto Special and Collector’s Edition Digital Content

Rockstar has revealed yet more content for those of you ready to part with some extra cash come Grand Theft Auto’s release next month. The Collector’s and Special Editions will contain more cars, clothes and weapons for your unadulterated gaming pleasure.

Whichever of the two versions you pick-up, you won’t be short of guns. Your local Ammu-Nation stores, scattered throughout GTA V, will, at no extra cost, contain the .50 calibre pistol and the Bullpup Shotgun. You’ll also be able to grab the Hammer for some melee combat. The two guns will include their own unique customisation options, skins and attachments also.

Dressing to impress is always one of the fun parts of a GTA game, so with the additional content comes a special items from Michael’s, Franklin’s and Trevor’s wardrobes. Each character will get one article of clothing (shirt, hoodie and jacket), a unique haircut and a tattoo that the ordinary gamer will not.


If you decide to purchase the Collector’s edition, you will be able to custom create your character for the online portion of the game. Using GTA’s gene dominance meter to create characters using parental genes you’ll be able to match your skill set via those choices. With the Collector’s edition the bonus will include the option to use GTA IV’s Niko Bellic as one of the parents, or if feeling even retro, Claude and Misty from GTA III.


Vehicles have always been key to Grand Theft Auto success and it appears that GTA V’s will be no different. The Collector’s edition will allow you to have your own exclusive garage to store custom vehicles, which will come pre-loaded with the CarbonRS bike, the Hotknife; an open framed hot-rod straight out of the 1930’s. The Khamelion electric car will also be available in Grand Theft Auto online, and trust us, it’s no Toyota Prius.

Grand Theft Auto V is due for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 17th September. So between now and then, keep checking back right here for more coverage in the lead up to arguably this year’s biggest game.


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