Rest in Peace Department: RIPD Reviewed

R.I.P.D: Review

R.I.P.D or, the Rest in Peace Department is a cross between Ghostbusters and Men in Black.

Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is a city cop in Boston with a good life only leading to better things. That is until he runs into trouble when his not so honourable partner Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) swipes some gold after a drug bust and persuades Nick to keep some for his family’s future. Nick is murdered during a raid and he finds his soul on route to judgment, but before his destination is decided he’s pulled aside and recruited into the Rest in Peace Department. He’s partnered with Roy Pulsipher, (Jeff Bridges) a western lawman from the 1800.

Roy ‘educates’ Nick of the ways of enforcement in the afterlife. The R.I.P.D works like a policing service for the dead. Most souls head straight to judgment but some of the more evil people during life manage to escape judgment and return to Earth as a ‘Deado’. Their souls return but never live again; they rot and mould into something that was never really human which has a negative effect on the world around it; grabbing the attention of the R.I.P.D.

So it’s up to Nick and Roy to track the deados down and destroy or bring them in for judgment.

When parts of a shattered relic that can reverse the direction of souls, returning them to Earth which will destroy all life begin to pop up in the deado’s hands, Nick’s modern day detective skills and Roy’s matured enforcement skills come in very handy. With the relic assembling, the deados turn up the heat.

Who Cares What I think?

I said somewhere up there that this was a cross between Ghostbusters and the Men in Black. The idea of a team battling an unknown afterlife right before our eyes, and stopping these ‘ghosts’ before they bring forth the apocalypse seems very Ghostbustery. And a two man partnership working for a mysterious corporation protecting us and the world from the realm of the unknown with cool guns and gadgets refreshes memories of MIB.

This is certainly not a bad thing; MIB is on its fourth instalment now so how much more of these can we have before it gets silly? Ghostbusters is getting a reboot/remake so we’ll no doubt see more and more of those in the coming years. But both have been very successful, and I’d hope R.I.P.D would follow suit, but the American box office takings were very disappointing and in my opinion, very harsh.

Jeff Bridges is always brilliant in my eyes, I always enjoy his performances. He delivered visual and verbal laughs all the way though. I’m a big fan of Kevin Bacon so he’s always awesome to watch. Ryan Reynolds never really shines enough for me in his films, but he did fit the role very well.

Definitely more of a family film, but why the hell not, go see it with anybody. UK release was September 20th.

I’d give it 7 stars out of 10.

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