Reaper is definitely more of a fun horReaper (2014) Posterror than a horrific one. It doesn’t take itself seriously which makes it entertaining to watch.

A psychotic preacher who punishes everyday sinners with death is put to the ‘chair’ but survives the execution and comes back as a supernatural force of evil using electricity as his tool of choice.

A sexy hustler steals from both sides of a drug deal to pay for her mother’s hospital bills. This is happening in a creepy hotel that happens to be the reaper’s new cleansing ground.

Reaper isn’t really anything special but worth a watch if you like random horror films with some big stars playing small roles.

In Summary,

Natalie (Shayla Beesley) is hitchhiking her way to California to be beside her ailing mother, trying to raise the money for the medical bills en route. And there are plenty of fools trying to take advantage of a pretty girl by the side of the road. But Natalie being resourceful and having plans of her own turns the tables and gets one up on them by taking what she needs.

She’s getting there slowly until she steals a whole lot of money from Brad (James Jurdi), he’s desperate and about to make a drug deal with the money, he’s working for Rob (Vinnie Jones) who’s not the in the least bit understanding of his troubles.

She then unwittingly catches a ride from the seller of the drugs, an honourable guy, Jack (Danny Trejo).

Jack takes her to rest for the night in a creepy hotel ominously named ‘Last Chance Hotel’ where he’s meeting the Brad. Natalie wises up and takes full advantage of the situation. But the only snag is an evil supernatural preacher who survived the electric chair has come back to continue his work of punishing the sinful and unworthy.

Last Chance Hotel is the last place to host a drug deal.

My Opinion.

As you should have guessed, Danny Trejo’s weapon of choice was of course a machete. Unfortunately no heads were sent flying though. Vinnie Jones plays his usual bad gangster role, talks the big game but falls short at the end. I don’t really know why these two were in this film.

I actually found it quite entertaining; from what I saw on the trailer I wasn’t holding much hope for it. The acting was all good, the directing was great and the screenplay was cleverly funny, which to be honest is probably why the two above chose to be in it.

The concept of the preacher was a pretty cool idea, but I wasn’t happy with the finished product. He didn’t look very creative. And his weapon was nothing more than a rusted hook. He uses electricity to fry the sinners which is the only cool thing about what he does.

If you like a tongue in cheek horror film then there’s no reason not to watch it. The only real downer is the weak villain. But then there’s plenty of other villainy going on with the drug deal so.

If you prefer scary serious scary films then I wouldn’t bother.


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