PSVita Rayman Legends Delayed

Ubisoft has confirmed that the PSVita version of Rayman Legends has been delayed by an extra two weeks whilst extra polish is applied.

This means that the Vita version will now launch on September 13th, whereas the other versions will all be coming out this Friday.

The Vita version is somewhat unique compared to the other versions however, as it includes five exclusive levels that utilise the system’s touch pad input. Doing so allows players to take control of Murphy, who features more heavily in the Wii U version, as he is able to manipulate the environment to the benefit of the other characters.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Rayman Legends has received a delay. The game was originally intended to be an exclusive for the Wii U and released earlier this year. It was pushed back for a multiformat release, which is scheduled for Friday.

We’ll have a review for you later in the week too, so remember to keep it Developer’s Accomplice for the definitive verdict.

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