A Post Level 20 Guide to Destiny

The Basics

Let’s get the fundamentals out of the way first of all – level 20 is not the cap for Destiny.

Reaching level 20 means you stop progressing your rank based on XP and instead start using a new system of progression using “Light”

Light relates solely to your armour, so to increase your cap you need to find better gear and rank that up. The actual cap in Destiny at the time of writing is Level 30.

To reach level 30 you will need specific exotic and legendary armour found in a number of ways.

You should note however at present the only way to hit the 30 cap is to earn the Raid armour, without that Level 29 is your maximum.


What to do now?

By the time you have hit level 20 you will mainly be using blue items and perhaps a few remaining greens.

Your aim now is to get as many purple (legendary items) and yellow (Exotic Items) as you can.

There are a number of ways to do this.

Daily Heroic Stories – each day Bungie picks one of the story mission from the game to add modifiers too, such as more aggressive enemies, or fewer ammo drops. Completing these will earn you a variety of rewards, since recent patches this also includes an Engram, that’ll be blue minimum, with a chance of purple or yellow.

Weekly Strike – As above, a weekly strike will be modified with new aspects to encourage you to run it again. In this case you can earn “Strange Coins” (up to 9, depending on the difficulty you select) – I shall go into more detail on “Strange Coins and Motes of Light” shortly.

The Nightfall – The same strike as above, but with extreme modifiers on it – including a no-respawn penalty. So for example if you are running it solo and go down, you will be booted to Orbit. The rewards for the nightfall often include legendary drops and an XP bonus for the entire week. This can be used to rank up faction/vanguard/crucible and weapon/armour.

The Raid – A six man fireteam tackle the toughest challenge on the game. At present the Raid is the Vault of Glass, requiring you to navigate your way through various boss battles and puzzle elements to finally take on Atheon. Throughout the Raid there are a number of chests and loot drops that reward special legendary/exotic items, many of which can only be found in the Raid. You will need to be a minimum of 26 to really do the raid effectively however.

The Strike playlist – Reaching the higher levels in the game you will have noticed the Vanguard Strike playlist unlock. Running this strike playlist can reward you well in engrams. I have generally found each time you complete one you are looking at 3 or 4 blues, maybe a legendary if lucky. Complete a few then head back to the tower to reap rewards.


First Steps

The simplest way to get legendary gear to begin with is to rank up a faction. You may have seen these around the tower – The New Monarchy, Dead Orbit and The Future War Cult.

When you are approaching twenty you will be able to purchase an item from them to wear. Once you have this item equipped all Vanguard and Crucible ranking points (reputation and marks) will go into progressing that rank. It creates a much quicker way to rank up that doing Crucible and Vanguard separately so I would suggest this as a first viable option.


Motes of Light – Rewarded for continuing to rank up your XP these can be used to purchase items from the Speaker which at present are purely aesthetic. You can also gain these by random drops or from the decrypting of engrams. On a Friday, Xur a seller arrives in the Tower to offer exotic items for sale – Motes of Light are one of the currencies he accepts.

Strange Coins – Speaking of currency Xur accepts, here is the main one. Strange coins can be located in many of the ways Motes of Light can, but the simplest way is the Weekly Heroic, were as many as 9 can be awarded. Xur tends to sell items around the 17-23 strange coin mark, so you’ll need to get saving over the weeks.

Ascendant Shards/Energy – Two items that are found from drops, strikes, engrams and public events. These are also very common in the Raid. Shards are used to upgrade armour and energy weapons. So to get your legendary gear maxed out you will need a lot of shards and vice versa for weapons.

Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom, Relic Iron and Helium Filaments – Found on the different planets these resource Items are also used to increase weapon and armour ranking, so get collecting, you will need a lot!


The Biggest Tip of All

Simply the easiest way to rank your Hunter, Warlock or Titan to rank 30 is the creation of multiple characters. It is a pain running them up to level 20 again, it should take anywhere from 5-12 hours depending on your ability in the crucible and to complete those all so important bounties. Story missions also offer XP bonuses so they should be done at the highest level you can. Simple put however it is worth the hassle.

I found ranking up multiple of the same class you already have to be the best method. So with my two Hunters, I can transfer my Level 29 gear across via the vault to the other and run all the events again in a week. So that is 18 strange coins for the weekly, four runs at the raid (normal and hard) two daily stories and two nightfalls. Then you can do the public events twice and the bounties twice. It simple is the quickest way to earn that gear – but initially you have to live with the chore of getting to 20 again.

Obviously if you do this three times, you can triple what I said above and be at 30 in no time!

Hopefully you find this guide helpful and there are plenty of other little tricks to help you get to where you want to be in Destiny, but ultimately there is a grind involved. Once you get to 26 the real fun begins as the Raid with a six man team is great fun. Personally I would advise running it with a team of new guys the first time so you can explore and figure out stuff together. Once done a few times you can rattle through it in less than 40 minutes easily. First time I tried it with a new team, took 11 hours (fortunately you can save progress)

So happy hunting guardians, see you on the road to Level 30.

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