Payday 2: Five Tips Worth Their Weight In Gold

Payday 2

Payday 2 is a chaotic game, and there’s often so much going on both mid-heist and outside of that, when you’re setting up your character.

Stockholm Syndrome

Sure, civilians are annoying; they can trigger alarms, run around and get in the way of all the shooting, but they are also a really useful resource that should be controlled.

Firstly, make sure you cable tie as many civilians up as possible. Tie a civilian up, and they will remain on floor and out of the way of gunfire. However, they will also be classed as a hostage. Once you take hostages, the police will change their behaviours and you should be aware of these changes, and how to work them to your advantage.

Firstly, police will be a bit more cautious in their assaults, but they will also become a lot more focused. They will attempt to free the hostages rather than making a beeline straight for you and your thermal drill. Make the most of this by trying to take hostages in rooms that are far away from your actual objective, as this will help keeps some of the heat off your main operation during an assault.

On the flip side of this, try to keep a couple of hostages under your control as an insurance policy should a heist go badly wrong. If one of your team gets captured by the police you will be given the opportunity to exchange a hostage for your teammate’s respawn.

One Man, One Gun

Yes, yes, the first weapons you get access to are a bit weak and a little inaccurate but try and avoid upgrading them or buying a new gun outright. Why? Because early on you really don’t have the skills or spare cash to make any wise investment in a new weapon.

Buying and upgrading weapons is a really, really expensive process. If you really don’t like the starter assault rifle, try to rely on the starting pistol more; it’s not actually that bad thanks to its low recoil and general ease of use. Yes, it might take a couple of magazines to kill an armoured police officer but it will make them flinch. One or two bullets will therefore buy you a couple of seconds to get out of that tight spot.

If you do want to buy a weapon, take your time before picking one. By the time you’ve got enough money and/or skills accumulated to make an informed weapon purchase, you’ll also have unlocked a fair few attachments for purchase. Try to pick a weapon that you can tweak to fit your class; for example silencers are better for eliminating guards around a perimeter but the longer barrel is harder to conceal under a suit.

Be Multi-Talented

Being a Jack of All Trades is not recommended; its time consuming and very expensive, and the end result it a diluted team member that really isn’t as effective as they think they are. However, don’t be afraid to take a few skills from early on in each skill tree because there are quite a few early skills that compliment even a highly specialised player.

For example, consider investing in the Mastermind skill called Fast Learner. This skill nets you increased experience points after every heist, which helps you rank up faster. The Enforcer’s Transporter skill will let you move faster while carrying loot bags, which is vital when trying to escape under fire. The Ghost’s Dead Presidents skill increases the value of all types of loot, which will help you to afford the skills you’ll be unlocking thanks to Fast Learner

At the very least, you want to take the first perk in every tree. Doing so means you can swap between all the main types of deployable equipment. Med-kits, ammo bags, trip mines and ECM Jammers are useful to all classes even if you’re not fully spec’d to use them.


This one might seem like a basic tip, but it’s one that’s easily forgotten during the chaos of an assault. When casing the joint, try to establish what routes the police might take when attacking you and/or the drill(s). The police will attempt to flank, and they just love to ambush you as move between rooms and corridors. Identify these long corridors, stairwells or doorways and set up any appropriate deployable’s just back from them.

During an assault, poke your head out of a doorway and duck back in as the bullets come flying past. This should lure the police through the doorway at once and allow you to unload into them at point blank range, without opening yourself up to gunfire yourself.

Be aware that bottlenecking can be just as fatal to you, especially if the police deploy riot shield units or the juggernaut-type units that absorb bullets like a sponge soaks up water. Always try to have an escape route set up should your bottleneck go sour; set up trip mines and sentry guns wherever possible to help cover your escape and thin them enemy out as they flood through your bottleneck.

Daisy Chain

The moment your escape van arrives on scene, you want to make sure you know what route you’ll take with the loot. However, this all changes if the loot is gold bullion. Gold is extremely heavy and is really not something you want to be carrying in the middle of a gunfight.

Have one teammate pack the gold into the bags, and have them carry or throw it to the next teammate, who should be positioned to pass the bags onto a teammate on the outside of the building. The final teammate should be ready to receive the bags at a point as near to the van as possible.


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