Orbit Review

Orbit for Xbox One is a game developed by 4 Bit Studios, it defines itself as a twin stick space brawler. We thought we’d take a look at the game and see what it was all about.

Orbit doesn’t have a single player mode, at least I can’t find it if it has. The requirement is that you need to be playing local multiplayer. To see a game take an attempt at winning the local multiplayer market seems like a strange choice, unfortunately I’m not sure there is a need for a four player local co-op game. That consequently is one of Orbit’s first challenges to overcome, or perhaps 4 Bit didn’t particularly care?

Graphically Orbit uses Neon coloured lighting and the stages are spherical in shape and contain objects and gravity effects that you need to navigate and avoid. The levels are small and close quarters which is what is required when duking it out in local multiplayer, this need has been catered for.

Orbit has several match types which are basically variations on deathmatch, with different criteria to fulfil to gain points to win the match. Playing with anything less than 4 players the maps can feel pretty big and the carnage is always threatened rather than actually happening. Play with 4 players and ships are exploding left right and centre and no one can hide. Pretty enjoyable.

Game mechanics are well thought out, especially having to strike a balance between defence, movement and attack. Movement drains energy blocks with continued use, force your ship to move too much and it will explode. Shooting consumes one full energy block and defensive teleporting manoeuvres does the same. Energy blocks regenerate over a short period of time as long as you are inactive.

Orbit you can imagine hits the right notes when you have four people around one Xbox One with plenty of beer and banter thrown in. Unfortunately, Orbit is a bit of fun and standing alone isn’t a compelling enough argument to either buy the extra controllers, find new friends to play with or put down the other established alternatives.

Orbit really would benefit from a side scrolling storyline alternative and thus would open up its neon prettiness to a larger potential audience. Especially considering the dubstep track list is a treat.

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