Open Grave

Open-Grave-2013-Movie-PosterImagine waking up on a dark night in a mass grave with hundreds of decaying, bloodied corpses for a mattress; also you have no memory at all.

That’s how Open Grave begins and that’s the easy part of what the characters have in store for them. Your curiosity should be spiking right now because you would not be dissatisfied with Open Grave.

If you’re into mysteries, horrors and thrillers then you have no excuse not to sacrifice 102 minutes of your life.

The scares are limited and the gore level is on low but the story is great one.

In Summary,

John/Jonah (Sharlto Copley) wakes dazed and confused. He can’t remember who he is or where. What is clear to him is he’s lying in a deep pit half full of dead bodies.

He’s rescued by a mute (Josie Ho) lady who doesn’t speak any English. She takes him to a nearby house. It’s isolated and nobody appears to be around. But inside there are five others with the same problem; none of them have any memory or knowledge of what’s happening.

Lukas (Thomas Kretschmann), Nathan (Joseph Morgan), Sharon (Erin Richards) and Michael (Max Wrottesley) aren’t so welcoming to John, but then their trust for each other is nonexistent. Accusations are thrown around the house when some have realise they have knowledge in certain skills. One being highly trained with firearms, one speaking German, simple skills but it’s enough to cause friction between the group.

The house has no connection with the rest of the world which raises tensions. And a date two days from now is circled on a calendar which only adds to the growing pressures.

As the mysterious date draws nearer, some of the group form alliances and seek help from the first town they come across. But what they find only confuses them further, and with people in a zombie-like state roaming the woods and nearby deserted buildings things get increasingly worse.

More memories surface bringing the pieces of the puzzle together to form a horrific truth that’s worth forgetting, as the day in question begins questions are finally answered.


My Opinion,

For me Open Grave was a hidden great, never thought much would come of it but I was so wrong. From the first scene I was hooked and really hoped the explanation would be a good one and I wasn’t disappointed.

The mystery deepens throughout the film and it only surfaces fully at the very last scene, the pace of which the threats grow and the mystery unravels was just right to keep you waiting for the end.

With the characters having no memory, we’re also left in the dark as to who to trust, keeping you guessing right up to the end. It’s hard to talk about without giving the story away.

I wasn’t pulled out of the world from bad acting or poor dialogue which tells me there wasn’t any. And the effects were well suited for the theme of the film having the gore at a realistic level.

I’m gutted this didn’t reach the cinemas near me; I wouldn’t have been offended to spend the small fee on Open Grave. If you’re in need of some inspiration for a Christmas present, this should be it.

If you’re looking for something scary then you shouldn’t get too excited. There were some jump moments and some creepy scenes but not many.

But as I’ve said, Open Grave is all about the tension and the story.

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