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Quick Roundup:

Finally! We have a horror to remember from 2014.  Last year, for me, it was The Conjuring.  And this year it’s Oculus: a clever, mind twisting, creepy mirrored murder mystery with jumpy ghost faces with some grotesque scenes. But the best thing is the simplicity of it all. Worth ten pieces of anybody’s gold.


In Summary

Kaylie Russell (Karen Gillan) and her younger brother Tim Russell (Brenten Thwaites) are the main characters, primarily in their 20s during the present day, but a large part of the story takes place with them as children with their mother and father in their family home.

As children they move into a new home with their parents who pick up an antique mirror during the move. The mirror hangs in their father’s, Alan Russell (Rory Cochrane) office.  Being alone with the possessed mirror doesn’t bode well for Alan, nor does it for the rest of the family.

Due to the mirror’s shenanigans, Tim ends up in a psychiatric hospital and is released in the present day. Kaylie sees their reunion as their opportunity to finally come face to face with the evil inside the mirror, so after tracking it down and returning it to their old home she convinces Tim to join her and put an end to its insidious existence.

My Thoughts

As yet, Oculus is my favourite horror this year.  There’s been a few but nothing what stands out as clever or as chilling. I sense some serious competition coming from VHS: Viral, the third instalment of the horror anthology series may or may not be released this year; I’ll update you when I can.  Rec 4: Apocalypse is defiantly out this year so we’ll see how that one turns out.

As Above, So Below, Jessebelle and the uninvited, retched return of Paranormal Activity are some others out this year but not as anticipated as those previously mentioned.

Brushing your teeth in the bathroom will be a fun moment for a few nights after seeing this; you’ll most probably get that childish feeling of being grabbed from behind while leaving a darkened room after turning off the light.

People are addicted to horror films, they’re like spicy food; the moment is fun and enjoyable but the next few nights will hurt. I hope Oculus makes you sleep with a comedy on the TV when you get home.


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  1. Sam Tanner says:

    Great article, Dale. Not seen this myself yet but definitely want to. Looks good for a few jumpscares. 😀

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