Next Gen Gears of War – What We Want


As you may know already Gears of War is a title that is firmly at the heart of Developer’s Accomplice. We’ve played hours and hours of Gears of War competitive multiplayer, this was across the franchise. We even gave many hours over to the woeful Gears of War Judgment.

The macho, gritty, chainsaw-packing, gnasher fest that is Gears of War failed with Gears Judgment, for me People Can Fly didn’t capture the essence of Gears, luckily for me People Can Fly are gone and  Microsoft’s newest studio, Black Tusk, is going to be making the series from now on. Apparently a Gears of War game is already in some manner of pre-production. What do we want to see from the franchise?

Story wise, the escapades of Delta team seems to be over. It was over when a certain story character committed suicide and I was left with a tear in my eye. That particular story feels like it has gone as far as it can in its current format. We’ve heard rumours of a next gen refresh for Gears and that you’ll need an Xbox One console to play it.

The Pendulum Wars

Judgment briefly touched the surface of the human in fighting before the general appearance of the locust horde. Storyline can provide more back story, reveal how the locust horde came to be and freshen it up with a bunch of new characters at the same time. Black Tusk must ensure the characters need to have no link to Delta squad, they’ll have free reign to bump off characters, throw in a few plot twists and keep us guessing with what happens next. Could they recreate the love for new characters? That remains to be seen.

Multiplayer Carnage

Judgment probably managed to piss off every hardcore Gears of War player that had the displeasure to play it. The whacking fiasco, no down but no out, call of duty style one button grenade throws and missing game modes. The list of injustices are longer than what I’ve managed to list.

All I want from Black Tusk is a virtually re-skinned version of Gears of War 3’s multiplayer, it had the right pacing, balance and a decent share of game modes.

Black Tusk and Microsoft Show Us More!!!

In the meantime here is a gameplay video we made of Gears Judgment.


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