Metro Redux

Metro 2033 of the Metro Redux is an eerie affair and the fact ammo is scarce ensures it isn’t simply a run a gun especially on the hardcore settings which makes combat fearsome. In the traditional Metro style you have what I like to call a tour guide with you, taking you through the levels and at the odd checkpoint or two leaves you to fend for yourself in and around the Metro, whether that is in some dark, dank corners or on the surface.

The accepted currency is military grade ammo which can be used as a powerful alternative to the basic ammo you get hold of or you can use it to purchase air filters, medi kits and upgrades to your collected weapons.

The air is polluted in the metro and the game recommends using a gas mask and recycled air filters this is good for two reasons:

You have a limited number of air filters you can carry and unless you find them near corpses or containers you’ll die when you run out of breathable air.

The gas mask that cracks when you take too much damage means you need to find a new one to replace it.

Both of these things are made much harder to handle on the modes which have an emphasis on survival.

It is a shooter with survival horror elements.  Metro uses survival horror licence liberally and sometimes feels as though you’re just fighting waves and waves of the hideous enemy, however it is hard!

The controller mechanism has been updated to the style found in Last Light and the scrub up in graphics gives away some of the stealthiness of the enemy. You can sometimes see them a mile off. The stealthing is similar to Last Light and is possible to pick off enemies one by one. The stealth is tense and rewarding, picking of a guard or behaving mercifully gives reward in the form of loot. Loot a sleeping beauty or a corpse and the rewards are gratefully received.

Although there are times when the stealth goes wrong or stealth isn’t at all an option. This is when the Metro tends to hurl everything it has at you. If your weapon isn’t silenced you can descend into trouble very quickly, silencing means sacrificing power and sometimes reinforcements are called when you’re noticed by the enemy. So do you want all out stealth close quarters kills or risk silencing and using weaker firepower if all hell breaks loose? The game makes you consider this and my advice would be to choose wisely.

Overall this version of the Metro is definitely enjoyable and although it’s familiar it hasn’t looked better. This time around the Metro is smoother, slicker and enjoyable but still just as treacherous.

I’ve mentioned Last Light smoother control system has been imported and at a glance this doesn’t appear to be any different to Last Light on Xbox 360. The graphics on Last Light were in my opinion already very good. They’ve been upgraded but there isn’t a huge amount of difference to speak about. This might be likely due to not playing them side by side. However as a nice touch the Redux version includes includes all of downloadable content that has been previously released on Last Light.

The spider invested Metro in Last Light is still creepy to navigate and the Dark One’s are not easy to tangle with. The tour guide gameplay returns but Last Light isn’t as linear as the original Metro and is more exploration focussed.

Both Metro games have a grim post-apocalyptic setting but both are exceedingly good fun and can easily be played one after the other. If you’re a newbie or looking to book a second holiday to explore the Metro, at it’s current price point which gets you a polished up version it is excellent value for money.

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