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Okay so I was probably a little late in the day finally getting round to watching Leon. Immediately noticed Jean Reno as  the main character, who most should remember from the original Godzilla film. A very young version of Natalie Portman who has cropped up in numerous titles as a woman and has been a successful actress in her own right. It’s plain as day to see that Portman has been nurtured from a young age and with a film like Leon under her belt you can see why she has managed to go from child actor to adult actor, a transition in fame that some fail altogether… her character is Mathilda by the way.

So Jean Reno really is getting on abit and the last film I watched him in was 22 Bullets which by the way if you haven’t seen is definitely worth a watch! Slightly shocking for me was seeing a youthful Jean Reno on screen, (I know I was late watching this film). In the initial scenes you’re taken through what Leon does for a living, he is a cleaner and a bloody good one too. By cleaner I mean hitman and by bloody good I mean a one man army.

Leon accepts payments for around a couple of thousand per head but has two tenets for how he conducts himself. No women and no children. How young Natalie Portman comes round to be in his care is a twisted but almost necessary story. How else would a 12 year old girl become attached to an unsociable hitman?

It comes together quite nicely and is touching to watch Leon slowly become attached to Mathilda and genuinely starts caring for her. You witness Mathilda’s premature rise to a decision making adult classically swearing and smoking like a trooper. Leon starts to teach her how to clean and puts her through her paces, he also has to bat away her suggestions that she loves Leon and wants them to be lovers (which at times feels uncomfortable).

When the action kicks in, it goes from calm and casual to tonto in minutes and at break neck pace. Gary Oldman plays an evil kind of character but shows why he is still a mainstay in Hollywood. With sublime acting and pulling off an edgy sinister aura he shows his acting prowess and plays the antagonist extremely well.

I’ve tried not to spoil the story for any would be late watchers but all I can say is, you can pick up Leon relatively cheap now for under a fiver. Directed by Luc Besson do not delay and watch this film as soon as you can. If you liked Taken then you’ll love this.


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