Jelly Jiggle – A mobile game by Hangar18

Up for review today, we have an Indie mobile game called Jelly Jiggle. You may have seen Mark’s interview with the creators Hangar18 last month, if you didn’t you can check that out here. Jelly Jiggle is available for Android and Apple via Google Play and the App Store, and it’s free to download.

An overview of this aesthetically pleasing game is to move blocks of Jelly around each level using Jay; “a cute and wobbly cube”. There will be obstacles which will have your brain cells whirring, and hopefully at the end of it, you’ll have pushed the blocks of Jelly in to the set goal areas to advance to the next level.


When you start up the app, there’s a rather nifty comic book style intro which gives you a good idea of what you need to do. Once you’ve checked that out, you enter the Countryside zone and level 1. As expected with this sort of game, things start of easy and gradually build in difficulty. You’ll notice a few icons on screen which may have you scratching your head, don’t worry though because Hangar18 have you covered there with a few more comic style guides through the first 4 levels.

The control and option buttons on the screen are perfect for this type of mobile game (as seen in the picture below). They’re there, but not distracting at all. A big thumbs up from me on that front!


I was really getting sucked into Jelly Jiggle and enjoying it. It’s a great little puzzle game to keep your brain active when you have some down time. I won’t lie, there were a few levels which had me completely stumped to the point where I was wondering what it would be like to smash my phone with a hammer or if it was worth a 25 mile drive to the coast to hurl my phone into the sea. Just as I was about to snap, the battery on my phone died, which I guess was inevitable.

There are 18 levels in the Countryside zone. Completing the last one felt ace! I was eager to check out the North Pole zone. Unfortunately this is where the fun stopped for me. To unlock the next 2 zones, you need to have 2,500 coins or “jellies”. After my heroics through the Countryside zone, I’d only collected a measly 370 jellies. I thought I’d missed something and not been thorough enough on my adventures, but after double checking, my haul was accurate. To buy the minimum stack of 3000 jellies was going to cost me £1.53 on Google Play. Unfortunately it’s not something I’d be spending cash on but I’m sure there are gamers out there who would.

Jelly Jiggle looks great, the controls are easy to use, the ‘Jelly Jiggle Jingle’ wasn’t irritating and overall my experience of the game was really positive….up until the point where ‘free to play’ no longer applied, and for that, I’ll rate it 5/10.

Be sure to stay tune for more reviews, right here on Developer’s Accomplice.

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