Is The Stereotypical Gamer Changing?

According to Pixwoo a social media site and app for gamers. Gerard Butler might not be far off the ‘average’ gamer description.

A poll was conducted by a research agency on Pixwoo’s behalf, of a spread of 2,000 British people that would describe themselves a gamer.

So if you are 35 years old, earning roughly £23,000 a year, playing  games for 2.5 hours a day, five days a week – you could fit the bill of the UK’s ‘average’ gamer.

Further details from Pixwoo suggest the average gamer is married. Researchers found that while the stereotypical gamer is a student with plenty of time on their hands, it is actually settled, working Brits who are most likely to unwind playing videogames.

With female gamers spending just as much time indulging in their videogame hobby as their male counterparts.
They will spend around two and a half hours a day – five days a week – in front of their console and stay up until 10.58pm playing computer game (that isn’t that late really).

I’m 25, work full time and play games in between footy and other hobbies… I know people around my age who do the same. I don’t know many gamers who have 35 years under their belt and are settled… Actually possibly one.

Do you agree with the result? What do you think is the average UK gamer looks like?

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