Introducing Heat Signature, A New Project From Gunpoint Creator

So, Gunpoint is an awesome game. Short, sweet and very interesting to play. It was also fricking hilarious, and allowed it’s creator and former journalist Tom Francis to ‘quit working as a concept’ to focus on playing and making games. He is literally living the Indie Dev dream, more or less.

While dying in Spelunky and wiggling Swords in Assassins Creed, Tom has also been prototyping potential new games in Unity. He’s been posting DevLog’s for two projects called Grappling Hook Game and Heat Signature, and he seems to have really picked up and run with the latter.

In a post on his website, he finally explains some of the really cool features of Heat Sink, a top-down procedurally generated stealth game set in deep space. Here’s the list of features from said post:

  • You fly around in a little ship with no weapons, trying to avoid being detected by big, powerful, randomly generated space ships.
  • If you can sneak up on them and stay cool enough to avoid their heat sensors, you can latch onto their airlock, breach it, and climb aboard.
  • Once inside their ship, you’ve got to avoid any armed crew patrolling the corridors and rooms of the ship, and if you can get to the helm and subdue the captain, the ship is disabled.
  • In future, ship systems like guns and thrusters will be in specific rooms of the ship, and you’ll be able to sabotage or control them if you get there. You’ll also be able to fly their ship if you get to the helm.
  • My plan is that each time you start the game, you’ll be randomly assigned a profession and a target: “You are an assassin. Your target is Tom Francis.” or “You are a shipjacker. Steal the Dreadnaught Incisor.”
  • You’d locate your target by boarding ships and hacking their server, which would either give you info on your target’s location, or on which types of ships are likely to have that info.


I’m a little gutted he’s also running with the same ‘small, unarmed ship trying to survive’ concept I’ve been using for my own Indie Game project, but it’s great to see how he approaches stealth in spaaaaaaaace!

If you want to sign up to his mailing list for the game in order to be kept abreast of development and perhaps even test it, read his blog post for details. For all other things, I highly recommend following him and Heat Signature on Twitter, and subscribing to his channel on Youtube.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the game, and we’ll also be bringing you a Q&A with Tom Francis himself soon!

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