Introducing: Ashen Rift: A Man and His Dog

There are few games that give me such an immediate feeling of that beautifully quaint adventure into an unknown wilderness – the Fallout franchise was perhaps my favourite example of this – and a game that appears to be living up to the same sort of atmosphere, Ashen Rift, is in development right now and looking extremely exciting.


Ashen Rift is a story about a man and his dog, a first-person survival horror story by 14-year video game industry veteran Barry Collins, in which the story’s main protagonist and his dog Bounder must survive in a world ravaged by the “Rift”, which has sucked the life out of the Earth and left it almost unrecognisable.

Players will join the characters as they travel across the Rocky Mountains in an attempt to find the source of the Rift and shut it down. Along the way, players must make their own paths and decisions, all the while avoiding the husks of men known as Feeders who are constantly on the hunt for the last glimmers of light left alive on the planet.


Rather than a typical shooter where you accomplish your goal by filling enemies full of lead and progressing to a linear end-point, Barry has stated that he’s interested in making Ashen Rift about strategic thinking and diversifying the way in which the protagonist interacts with the world around him – kill everything in sight, find a way around and avoid the enemies completely, or manipulate the environment in order to discover new and intriguing ways to solve the problem – the options are all there and readily available for the player to access, and the story is created the way you want it to be.


Ashen Rift is currently in Alpha, and will be heading into Kickstarter in the coming days. Be sure to visit the game’s official website, get in touch with Barry via Twitter, and stay tuned to Developer’s Accomplice for more coverage in the near future!

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