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Perish headerThere is a certain addictiveness to be had in finally achieving what you previously thought impossible; whether it be finally cracking a boss that’s been giving you endless amounts of trouble, or finding the last collectible in a game that you’d been searching tirelessly for, there will never be more satisfaction in the world of video gaming than defeating something which had you indefinitely beat.

Very recently I reviewed a title called Ascendant, a game which flourished on its combination of roguelike elements and beautiful environments. While it was an impressive game in itself, it also reminded me of another game I saw a few months prior; a game which – as a massive roguelike fan – captured my attention almost immediately: Perish.

The fine work of one Anthony Richard of Brisbane, Australia, Perish was designed with influences such as Dark Souls and Spelunky in mind – permadeath and procedurally generated levels are accompanied by intelligent level design that means that, although the game is estimated to take only an hour to complete, realistically players will be seeing a lot of re-playability thanks to the difficulty and level structure.

perish-1As you can see from the screenshot above, Perish is looking absolutely stunning, and earlier this month it passed an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign that saw it raise $4,466, a massive 298% increase on its original asking price of $1,500. From the game’s Indiegogo, some key features include;

  • Procedural levels. Every level you play is unique.
  • Permadeath. There are stakes! It really matters how well you play because when you die, that’s it. A new world is generated for you to start fresh.
  • Non-random entities are a part of the random generation so that you can still memorise & exploit patterns.
  • Classes that you can choose from to vary your play. Unlock new ones by finding secrets!

The game also encourages players to learn the patterns in the apparent randomness of the level generation to discover where secrets are commonly hidden. These secrets can hide anything from unique and powerful items to a variety of different encounters, so it is presumably in the player’s best interests to learn where these secrets occur and master their uses or potential pitfalls.

perish-2Personally, I haven’t been as excited about a game as I am about Perish in a very long time; it really does seem to have a little something for almost anybody. If you enjoy adventure titles, the exploration and secrets of Perish are certain to appeal to you. Bit of a video game sadist that enjoys the constant challenge of having to start anew? The difficulty of Perish and its procedurally generated levels will inspire you to get back on the horse and try just one more time. Perish really looks like an extremely interesting concept, and the amount of work that has evidently been put into the title already by Anthony is absolutely awe-inspiring.


Perish is currently in development by Anthony Richard. You can check out his recently successful Indiegogo for more information about the title. Additionally, be sure to send him your messages of support via Twitter!

Stay tuned to Developer’s Accomplice for more news on Perish, and be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!

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