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It is often said that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. I’d like to modify that rule and include a third; death, taxes and internet advertisements. Spend enough time surfing the web and you’ll come to understand the pain that ads and popups become.

With a cheeky nod to the endless barrage of internet advertisements, developer Elevate Entertainment have created FFFFF2P (Free Free Free Free FREE to Play, if that wasn’t clear). The game helps to quantify the eternal struggle of man vs advertisement by putting you in the shoes of an unnamed protagonist sent to rescue Princess Pixel from Ug, the evil ogre. Ug floats above you, endlessly taunting you while dropping random advertisements in an attempt to crush you. By jumping atop the advertisements after they’ve fallen, you reveal the money inside, which can be collected and used on various upgrades, including your final goal of rescuing the princess by paying her ransom to the evil Ug.


Some of the items you can purchase through the game’s store with the coins you earn are considerably expensive (for example, ransoming the princess costs a cool 1,000,000) so in order to achieve the best money harvests each run, the player can purchase a wide variety of cheaper upgrades which stack up to help them achieve bigger totals each time. These upgrades vary considerably, from turning your average 1 value coin into a diamond that gives the player 50 coins instead, to a double jump that allows you to get on top of advertisements that have begun stacking before they box the player in. The upgrades are varied nicely and provide an additional incentive to keep trying for higher and higher scores throughout.


The game plays very smoothly, and it follows a similar style to games such as Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing; at first you’ll find your scores aren’t vast, but the more you play, the better you become and the more upgrades you can afford to improve your chances next time. The game is surprisingly addictive and, as a beta tester, I can see myself playing the game for a long time to come. It has real potential to be successful, fitting itself comfortably into the same ‘killing time’ category as many popular titles that have come before it (think Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc) and although one of my biggest grievances with mobile games – paying for upgrades – rears its ugly head in FFFFF2P, the developer has assured me that the game will be fully enjoyable without the need to put any money into it – and so far that appears to be the case.

Although FFFFF2P isn’t likely to blow anybody away that’s expecting an AAA title, it certainly is entertaining and fantastic if you’re looking for a way to burn some time while waiting for the bus or making a long journey. I can definitely see it having the potential to become a game that makes its way into the library of many, many players in the near future.


FFFFF2P will release worldwide – completely free – for Android and iOS users on July 10th. You can contact Elevate Entertainment and show them your support via Facebook and Twitter! You can also follow their journey via their website!

Stay tuned to Developer’s Accomplice for more FFFF2P news, and be sure to let us know your opinions over on Facebook and Twitter!

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