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In recent years, there has been a dire lack of horror games willing to try something new to refresh the genre, most of them quite content to get by on selling cheap thrills that might offer you a one-time fright, but very little else besides. Not willing to settle with becoming another face in the crowd of lackluster survival horrors, 3D2 Entertainment have set out to create a title that mixes horror elements with flavours of crafting and research to create a macabre adventure in the form of The Crow’s Eye.


A story-driven first person horror, The Crow’s Eye focuses on discovering the fate of the missing students of Crowswood University. Throughout your journey, you will forget everything you knew about conventional survival horrors as you craft items that help you to survive the mysterious threat around you – by discovering recipes in the inventory, your character will be able to craft a plethora of varying items. These recipes unlock a few items every time you find them, so the more you scour the environment, the better equipped you’ll find yourself as the game progresses.

Once a player has discovered the recipe(s) for an item and the respective collectables to go along with them, they must find the extremely valuable and rare crafting tables scattered throughout the game. Players will only be provided access to one crafting table per level, so its important to take the time to gather their resources early and ensure that they can locate the crafting table at an appropriate time to maximise their access. I personally feel that this aspect of The Crow’s Eye is fantastic and a really great addition the survival horror genre – we’ve seen a few games such as the ever-popular Resident Evil which allow players to combine items, but it sounds as though 3D2 Entertainment want to take crafting to an even higher level than we’ve previously seen.


The Crow’s Eye also features a large variety of puzzles designed to confound players as they make their way through the mysterious Crowswood University. To accompany this puzzle-solving, the theme of investigation has been featured heavily throughout the game; players will have access to a variety of evidence such as recordings which reveal what happened at the University almost twenty years ago, as well as documentation and pictures which contain incredibly helpful tips and pieces of information such as maps and medical records which will help the player to find their way through the game that much easier.

I love the concept of being able to find maps and various scraps of information throughout the environment that provide clues as to how to progress throughout the game. The fact that all of this content is presumably optional to the player adds a great twist on whether players wish to discover the answers to things by themselves, or use the information available around them to solve puzzles easier.


The Crow’s Eye is currently in alpha; you can contact 3D2 Entertainment and show them your support via Facebook and Twitter! Their website is constantly being updated with great information regarding The Crow’s Eye so be sure to check back regularly!

You can also check out the most recent trailer for The Crow’s Eye below;


Stay tuned to Developer’s Accomplice for more news on The Crow’s Eye as we follow it through its development and be sure to let us know your opinions over on Facebook and Twitter!


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