ID@Xbox – Why I'm Excited

Much has been said about the Xbox One and it’s constantly changing core messages, but one thing that has remained largely unchanged is Microsoft’s commitment to it’s support for Indie Developers.

We’ve yet to see the fruits of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program, which seeks to make it easy for talented Indie Dev’s to actively create and self-publish to the Xbox One, but one thing is for sure, the program sure is a tempting one.

As an Indie Developer myself, my ambition for my studio is to eventually be accepted onto the ID@Xbox program; this will secure us free access to the Unity IDE and allow our already-bought Xbox One’s to function as Dev-Kit’s. The internet cynics can harp on about Microsoft, console wars and whatever, but what matters to me is getting my games out to as many people who might want to play them. ID@Xbox will, eventually, let me do that.  What’s even better is that I don’t have to be platform exclusive if I do get onto the program! Steam here I come! Ahem. . .

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Blog Post by Chris Charla on the ID@Xbox program so far, and some of the Indie’s that are working on the ID@Xbox program:

At ID@Xbox, we’re as happy as anyone that Xbox One has shipped, but we still have our game faces on because there’s still a lot for us to do. We’ve had thousands of developers express interest in ID@Xbox and we continue to make some big strides to lower the barriers for independent developers to self-publish on Xbox One. Unity will be free to Xbox One developers, we’re continuing to hold developer events (ID@London is next week) and we’re also working behind the scenes to set up the system that will enable any retail Xbox One to serve as a dev kit.

We’ve shipped dev kits to more than 50 studios and, as we said at gamescom, this first wave of developers is just the start.We want to make Xbox One a great platform for developers of all scales and sizes for years to come. We’ve been amazed at the response from developers to ID@Xbox, and we really appreciate their patience as we ramp up the programme.

It’s been great to see the diversity in developers who are joining the ID@Xbox programme. Interest in ID@Xbox has been global – from Japan to Finland, developers in more than 50 countries are excited to get their games on Xbox One. Today, we’re excited to give a first glimpse at some of the developers who will be bringing great games to Xbox One via ID@Xbox. (And let me emphasise, this is just a sampling of the many developers who are part of the programme.)

Inis and Comcept are two developers from Japan we’re excited to have creating for Xbox One, while European developers Vlambeer, Double Eleven, Slightly Mad Studios and Born Ready are among those who will be bringing games to Xbox One via ID@Xbox.

There are large-scale teams like Crytek, who just created “Ryse: Son of Rome” for Microsoft Studios and now want to pursue self-publishing. And we have one or two person teams like Jamie Fristrom’s Happion Labs, or Chris Hecker’s Definition 6, which is literally building “Spy Party” in his garage studio. We have seasoned developers such as Team 17, Panic Button and Double Fine as part of ID@Xbox, as well as young studios like Drinkbox and Matt Wegner’s new studio Team Colorblind

It’s been so cool to see how many XBLA veterans are in the programme already, teams like Signal Studios, Zen Studios, Bongfish, Half-Brick and Ninja Bee, as well as XBLIG alumni like Zeboyd Games. It’s also great, of course, to see folks come into ID@Xbox who haven’t ever been on Xbox before. Players are going to get to see what developers like Nicalis and The Men Who Wear Many Hats are up to and that’s very cool! 


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