Greenlight: 1 Year Celebration On Steam

To celebrate Greenlight being on Steam for a year, we’re being treated to some rather attractive discounts. There are over 50 Greenlight games with up to 75% off through until 2nd September 10am PDT or 6pm BST! Nice.

Before I mention some of the titles on offer, let me rewind a little and explain what Steam Greenlight is. It’s basically a system where the Steam community help to pick new games to be released on Steam.

It’s great for developers as they can post information about their game along with videos and screenshots. They have a massive audience who can then critique their work and vote to say they’d play it if it were available on Steam if they like what they see.

Games can be submitted on Greenlight at various stages of the development process, and those which get a big thumbs up from the Steam community will become ‘Greenlit’. This is when Valve contacts the game developer to discuss launching the title on Steam. You’ll find creative Indie games a plenty on Greenlight and here’s a few which are included in the sale now:

Eurotruck Simulator 2 – 66% off (Now £8.50)

Surgeon Simulator 2013 – 66% off (Now £2.38)

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures – 10% off (Now £10.79)

Postal 2 Complete – 75% off (Now £1.75)

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