Godzilla (2014)

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The King of Monsters’ is how he’s known to some, ‘Godzilla’ to most and a ‘giant lizard thing’ to the rest.

The first of the three he certainly is, (I’m going to refer to him as male simply because it’s the dominant sex, obviously) but really it’s a bit of a grey area. Earlier films involving the giant lizard thing have it laying eggs like a big girl! But either way Godzilla takes monsters’ names for a living with awesome manly manliness so shut up and let’s get on with Godzilla (2014). With film production these days big Hollywood franchises such as Godzilla are bound to look the best you can get. And it certainly did. Godzilla and his enemies looked amazing, from an incomprehensible sized Monster to the finest details of his nuclear damaged scales, the deep ocean in his eyes and the splintering points of his teeth, they all look amazing. Getting over the look is one thing but the sound is something your eardrums will never forget.

Godzilla 2014 (screenshot)
I need to be honest; I didn’t get to see this film in IMAX because my girlfriend wouldn’t let me pay the extra, needless to say she’s never coming to the cinema with me again. I was put off going to see it in IMAX because of certain money grabbers making it in 3D. I find 3D always compromises the picture quality of the film overall and IMAX is solely about picture and sound. I have to admit though that after seeing the movie I wish I had sucked it up and gone for IMAX, some of the roars that Godzilla threw around were pretty epic and now I can only sit and imagine the full effect of IMAX.

Putting aside the main attraction, I just have a few words about two of the other characters. Aaron Tayler-johnson plays the lead as Ford Brody, a typical-true American hero; a bomb disposal expert in the army who falls right in the thick of a M.U.T.O (Massive unidentified terrestrial organism) attack.  His entire character was just so predictable and clichéd. .

In my opinion his father was a much better hero but sadly he wasn’t on screen quite enough during this movie.

Two sequels have already been announced but with the first one being so great it’s hard to imagine how the sequels could improve on this. The reason Godzilla returns needs to be pretty solid for the next installments to work.

We’ll keep you posted on everything monstery as we hear it so check back soon.


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  1. Alex Lee says:

    Possibly the worst film I have seen in a long time more God Awful than Godzilla.

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