Goat Simulator Coming To Xbox One!

For you animal lovers, this is quite possibly the best news to come out of Gamescom 2014.

Coffee Stain Studios, the developers behind the Goat-tastic title have teamed up with Double Eleven to bring quite possibly one of the craziest games in years up front and centre on Xbox One! Lee Hutchinson CEO of Double Eleven said, “We’re delighted to be working with Coffee Stain. They’ve created something truly enjoyable and completely disruptive; we want to bring that to Xbox One.”

Goat Simulator screen 1

Double Eleven will honour the hilarious, unique and somewhat violent nature of Goat Simulator to ensure Xbox One owners get the ultimate goat experience. Players will be able to live the dream and cause as much destruction as an actual goat from the comfort of their couch. Live life as a goat and wreck the world around you; add some creativity to your destruction and you’ll rack up even more points! Goat Simulator’s charm comes in part from the bugs that were deliberately left in. Coffee Stain Studios, the original developers, fixed the crash-bugs but left everything else to ensure a well-rounded, realistic experience of life as a goat (with hilarious consequences). Anton Westbergh CEO of Coffee Stain Studios, “Getting on Xbox One with the help of Double Eleven is really exciting. Everyone deserves a chance to goat around, and this is one step in the right direction!”

For those of you yet to experience the chaos one calm looking goat can cause, here’s a snippet:


*No goats were harmed in the making of this news article*


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