Gears of War HD Remaster IS Coming to Xbox One

You may remember we wrote a post about Next Gen Gears of War and what we wanted to see. You can check out our original post here.

Yes we were operating on some hearsay but we really thought that something good can come of giving the original Gears of War a new lick of paint. People were talking about ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’ which for us means the woeful Judgment will be left out.

It’s no Marcus Fenix Collection, but the first Gears of War game is getting the remaster treatment.

Source: Gears of War HD Remaster Coming to Xbox One – Report.

Is this news worthy for some of the old guard? The people still in the lobbies on Xbox 360, waiting for a full room of Fuel Depot. The answer is hopefully, the old guard are putting up with server issues, host advantages and over the top active reloaders. We’d love to rub shoulders with and disintegrate those guys online with our gnasher shotguns. We’re definitely still good enough to get the job done.

Are you happy with some confirmed news? Are you a Gears veteran? If so, we’d love to add you to our lobby.

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