Gamer's View: Gears of War Update


Firstly let me be clear, I have and will always love Gears of War, if Microsoft release another iteration I would just be like “Shut up and take my money”. Here is a little bit about why I love Gears.

The best part about the game is the sheer brutality, I still maintain that there is nothing quite like seeing enemy bodies fall apart from a point blank shotgun blast.

Personal battles against other players is great fun, the “raping” where the enemy goes down on their knees. I’ll let you figure out the rest of the virtual shenanigans.

Something however has got my cogs grinding.

Judgment was the first step that started making me uncomfortable. Human versus Human multiplayer and no sign of the locust horde in versus. No down but not out feature (which meant no “raping”), overpowered rifles and constant magnetic two piecing.

People Can Fly clearly didn’t play 3 when it came out. Well done guys make the physical attack faster than firing a second shot with your shotgun.

We know that we didn’t hear much news about Gears at E3 however I feel there is going to be some kind of announcement soon. But I’m a little worried…

Microsoft own the rights to the IP, this means the next game will be released with the sole function to be a money spinner.

My thoughts about Microsoft and the way they have handled their console launch/re-launch/u-turn has essentially made me begin looking around at prices for their rivals machine.

Microsoft have some great franchises such as Gears and Halo to name two but I’ve got to the point where I can’t trust what they say anymore. The notion that every Xbox One console was to come with Kinect to force developers to use it was inviting for me as I thought it would cause innovation with the next-gen Kinect.

Kinect is now a glorified microphone/high definition webcam. I don’t think people can disagree with that statement.

Getting back to the Gears… Namely I don’t trust Microsoft anymore, they’ve lost my faith. Gears under their wing is only going to benefit Microsoft and not the gamer. This is my personal opinion, if you’re reading this you may agree with me to some degree.

What will the next Gears game be? Yet another prelude? Further and further away from the original storyline? Will it be a Halo ODST style game following a separate story during the same timeline (already done with Judgment) Will it be a strategy sim with a Gears skin? Who knows…

………Microsoft knows.

Something I do know is, I hope Microsoft releases a blockbuster and this whining little article can be taken offline never to see the light of day again.

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