Fifa 15 Ultimate Team – Guide to Ultimate Team Management

The key to not spending real money whilst playing ultimate team is time. If you have enough time to meticulously comb through the transfer market, put in the game time required and slowly build up your ultimate team from bronze to gold and ultimate can be a really enjoyable affair without the need to spend copious amounts of Fifa points and thus real money.

Match types are important and each match completed offers the basic coin rewards. Tournaments, Online/Offline Season completions and participation in bonus matches such as team of the week all yield some form of extra reward. Generally you’ll know what it will be upfront so a contracts pack or a bonus gold pack if you meet the criteria.

The basic premise of ultimate team is to upgrade your team from low standard players and eventually build a 5 star, 100% chemistry team. Let’s cover these two attributes so you know how to build them and how to maintain team chemistry.

Good Chemistry

Chemistry – team chemistry is essentially the measure for how well your team gels together. There is no I in team and you’ll do well to remember that when building your ultimate team. Chemistry takes into account player nationality, player position and league the player plays in. The manager card is important here too. The same rules apply, quite simply match your players to your manager either by nationality or league and the players will receive a player manager chemistry bonus. If you buy players using the auction they’ll need to play 10 games for you to earn the club loyalty bonus, players found in packs will automatically be loyal. This just gives a another small chemistry boost. The higher your chemistry the better in theory your team will perform. Passes will be better, movement is better, shots and crosses generally end up where you want them to. If you do the opposite and have a low chemistry you’ll notice more missed shots, misplaced passes and poor touches from your players.

All About the Rating

Team Rating – Rating is the star rating of your team. Quite simply it indicates whether or not your team is Accrington Stanley or Arsenal standard or something in between. If you decide to focus on this in it’s entirety you’ll encounter some of the issues above. You can afford a balance in between. If your plans for a predominantly English team are scuppered because you pulled out Lionel Messi in a bonus Gold pack, it is possible to achieve 100% chemistry with a player in the side that doesn’t match nationality or league but you’ll need to maximise chemistry everywhere else. Remember there is nothing to stop you from building the team around one player if you wish so.

Watch the Variables

Contracts and player fitness. Player fitness is important because if you play matches your team will tire and if you consistently have the same team that team will tire and tire. In an ideal world you will have a large enough squad to rotate players and rest your main stars. It is worth putting in weaker players against weaker opposition. Your best squad should be available when playing online. So long as your team is fit you shouldn’t have any problems despatching of online adversaries. Unfortunately if you play online constantly with Ultimate team you’ll struggle in some games as you need fitness to contend with the other online players.

Contracts is another thing to keep an eye on if your players run out of contracted games you can no longer select them for your ultimate team. A serious pain in the backside if you’re low on coins and have no contract cards available. If you have the squad depth to account for this then it is largely not an issue however if you don’t you will encounter problems. Buying players from auction can be a lottery always ensure you buy players with lengthy contracts. If you don’t you could be forking out extra coins which really isn’t necessary.

The Fifa eBay

The auction room is an extremely useful tool, you’ll find yourself making visits often, either to buy players, consumables or staff items or to sell the same types of items you no longer need. We’ve put together a mini formula here to ensure you get the best players for your particular squad needs.

  1. Research
  2. Purchase
  3. Use
  4. Sell


Look at the positions you need and search for players in that position and select your required criteria. The transfer market will show you, how much they’re going for, the number of possible transactions and for what cost. When you’ve found the player you want, stick their name in the filter and begin by adjusting the ‘Max Buy Now’ filter. When you’ve found the lowest available cost for the player you can make a note of how much that particular player is available for and the lowest amount you should spend on buying them.


The recommended course of action is to head to the transfer market, adjust the ‘Max Price’ filter and put in anything lower than your noted Max Buy Now cost. Use the auctions to bid on the players and try to purchase these players at a lower cost than the lowest buy now cost. Be sure to check the contract value but actually it isn’t the most important when not choosing to buy now.


Play your recently purchased player, use them until your need is satisfied and you no longer need to use the player in your starting or reserve team. When you reach this point, Fifa is great at letting you know the cost you purchased them for.


When you have a player you wish to make redundant, check that their price on the market is still similar. If it is you can easily list them at the lowest and you’d be guaranteed a sale however if you have a player with significant contracted games leftover feel free to up the price slightly in terms of coins as you’ll still be likely to sell the player for a profit.

By following this guide you should have a fairly solid ground base to build the most Ultimate team. Remember to research the best price for buying players and acquire them as you see fit. Good luck in the world of ultimate team and management.

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