FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide

With FIFA 14 launching tomorrow – here is our guide to making coins on FIFA 14 based on the hands on we’ve had so far and previous years experience.

Use the specific search – find the player you are interested in, scout the buy it now price and the latest auction prices – buy up the cheapest players and sell at the next highest level – should be able to influence the market price by a few thousand. There will always be people desperate to get a player who can’t be bothered to auction.

Team of the Week – When the new team of the week is released (normally Wednesday late afternoon, early evening in the UK) you want to buy then. Key players, especially those in the TOTW will drop in price as people look to sell their version on the player or any players they may have already to afford the special version they crave. Use that time to strike in buying up star players at lower prices, which next week you can sell on at a tidy profit.

Don’t just focus on Gold star players –  look through the Bronze and Silver players. Pace has always been an asset and whilst less so in FIFA 14, people will still crave those rapid wingers in the lower levels. Check any packs you have and make sure you sell those speedsters at higher prices.

Buy players who are involved in upcoming high profile games – If you know a big derby is happening in the Premier League or a massive European tie, you may wish to get on Ultimate Team (or the app) whilst the game is ongoing. If a player scores or is having a good game, buy as many as you can. People will flock to the marketplace after the game and the price can rocket!


Buy Cheap Gold Players – if you can grab a few cheap gold players for 300 coins, you can then auction them – normally bringing in 350-450 coins each times – this is especially true in the early days when coins are at a premium and people try to build a basic gold team.


Buy Brazilian – Everyone on FIFA seems to want to build a Brazil based team, so get as many Bronze Brazil players as possible and sell them on at a profit, same goes for Silver and to some extent Gold. As ever try and buy using some of the above methods and you should be in luck.


DON’T BUY PACKS – if there is one key to making money in FIFA 14 or any other Ultimate Team game, it is this. Packs give you a minimal chance of getting a star player and making a vast profit. The likelihood is you will waste your hard earned coins and need to work up again. If you have made a fortune, you may want to take the odd gamble, but early on – save, save, save.

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