Mortal Kombat X – Fantastically Fatal Fighting

Mortal Kombat X is the latest installment of the Mortal Kombat franchise developed by Netherealm studio. Mortal Kombat X is a follow on from the last rebooted story Mortal Kombat. Netherealm were also responsible for the thoroughly entertaining Injustice Gods Among Us.

We’ve hit up the much anticipated living towers mode. Introduced by Netherealm to encourage people to do continuous replays by increasing the freshness and longevity of Mortal Kombat X. Random modifiers applied to each fight mean each one is unique from vortex holes to slow motion. Additionally, dragon challenges pop up which are fight criteria you need to fulfill within a match to earn extra points and MK coins.


Each character has three variations, each variation changes the fighting style of the selected character. The three variations are either trap based, weapon based or defensively based. We were initially concerned that a player would be able to switch the variations at will, we’re pleased to report that you can’t. Netherealm have been intentionally cunning by splitting character special moves between the fighting styles, this adds an element of strategy depending on your opponent. Combo commands do not vary very much which is a relief. Special moves are familiar and fatalities are simple to input and we don’t mean the ‘lazy’ versions which are unlockable in the krypt or by spending some real money.

Fatalities are served by fulfilling the button input criteria, Raiden’s for instance is called bug eyes but is forward, back, forward, X (Xbox One). In true fatality form Raiden’s is gruesome and involves a hefty amount of lightning. X Ray attacks return and in some cases are almost as brutal as the fatalities. How some of the fighters manage to continue the fight is beyond us. It’s time for a formal welcome back to brutalities. Netherealm have taken a slightly different approach with them and are almost modified special moves, Raiden’s electrocute results in his adversary’s head exploding, if you deplete their health bar with the move and tap Y three times before it completes. It is a slick and surprising way to end a fight. Each fighters button inputs will vary.

Failure Fatalities range from Scorpions spear tearing off your head to D’Vorah’s swarm eating the skin off your face.

The test your might mini game is also back with a new twist. If you fail you die. The objects encountered are variable in strength and spherical in shape. There are numerous failure fatalities as well. The rest of the character roster contribute to the special fatalities, from Scorpions spear tearing off your head to D’Vorah’s swarm eating the skin off your face. Another nice touch up from Netherealm which makes you realise this title is different enough from the last installment. We spent ages trying to break the titanium medallion, good luck to you if you get the task.

The whole point to Mortal Kombat used to be earning coins to unlock everything in the crypt. It’s back and the prizes range from concept art to new fatalities or alternate costumes. Netherealm have spruced up things with quick time events against the denizens of the crypt. This isn’t often either.

Netherealm studios have added a new faction mode. Pick your faction and just by playing Mortal Kombat X you contribute points to your faction and the overall leaderboard score. The story is almost movie like with quick time events and as we’ve seen before you fight as a different character in each chapter. It seems the story is focussed on the next generation of the Mortal Kombat roster. The story pits Raiden and earthrealm against Shinnock a fallen elder god, set just after the events of Shao Kahn’s invasion. In addition, the timeline stretches 20 years into the future which explains the older greying characters.


Lots of effort and time has gone into this game and that is clear to see. New cinematic styling for the story, similar to Injustice (no bad thing) with the original feel of a Mortal Kombat game. Mortal Kombat X is an excellent title and worth the time getting to grips with the new characters and fighting styles.

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