Don't give up on Bloodborne

In my opinion, which is the only one that counts (in my opinion) mainstream gaming has become too easy. I’m thinking of games like Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, GTA and other big studio productions. Not that they can’t be enjoyable and beautiful but you may not have noticed any real challenge being presented.

My first encounter with From Software came in the form of Demon Souls on the PS3. Looking back, I wasn’t ready to play that game. As a twenty something year old guy with little responsibility I quickly became frustrated with it and guess what…. It got traded in within a few weeks. I wish I had stuck with it.

Now Bloodborne is here, From Softwares newest offering and Playstation exclusive. Selling over a million copies since launch and arriving to reviews in excess of 9/10 across the board. (My own review of this game will be up shortly for a more in depth look). Love it or hate it, this much is true – its launched well. One thing to keep in mind if you buy this game….. don’t give up.

Bloodborne is not a game you can have a quick bash at (unless you are a hardcore gamer with a PS4 left constantly running or in sleep mode) it takes effort, concentration, determination and above all… time.

Bloodborne takes selfishly from you and will continue to take without any payback. Any reward you crave has to be earned. From learning the movements of each enemy, discovering shortcuts and secrets to uncovering every corner of the map each small step forward requires you to take dozens of steps back. Doesn’t sound like much fun right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that because at times I’ve wanted to smash my face into the screen BUT when you finally beat that boss or clear that path, my god it feels good. Never before have moving pixels on a screen given me such a sense of deserved satisfaction.

Once the realisation of “this is difficult” sinks in and you’ve figured out thats the main draw of the game, every death, every trap, every surprise attack, every 27th time you’ve been down that same corridor makes you a better gamer. Then every level up and progression is a small but very real pat on the back.

So i urge you, don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t let the beasts drag you down.

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