Destiny Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

You’re looking at a massive Bungie fan here. From Marathon to Halo, I’ve followed Bungie from great heights, through their miss-steps and I’m now waiting patiently for Destiny.

Destiny’s cinematic trailers have been pretty excellent, showcasing theirĀ  capability to create compelling stories and worlds but to be honest, despite the HYPE, I’ve not been that impressed by the gameplay trailers so far.

Until now…

Here’s Jason Jones talking about all the frankly awesome things you’ll be doing when Destiny hits all current and last gen consoles.

Reminds me of Mass Effect crossed with Halo, with a little bit of Boarderlands thrown in to spice things up.

If you’re a Playstation 4 owner, you’ll probably already have access to the Early Access Alpha that’s live until Monday. If not, now you know!

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