Destiny – First Impressions

I picked up Destiny yesterday for £40 on Xbox One from Tesco. This was the cheapest I could find considering Game was selling for £55.

Put in the disc and as I’d heard rumours I’d be waiting a while for the first update so I booted up Champ Manager the 01/02 with updated transfers to pass the time, half an hour later and the ‘massive update’ was complete so I proceeded into the tutorial mission of Destiny.

I hadn’t played the Beta as I wanted the whole game to feel like a new experience for me and sometimes Beta plays can put you off games. Full of bugs and inconsistencies so I tend to not bother.

Within about 5 minutes I’d picked up a rusty old rifle and my Guardian Warlock was primed and ready to brush off the cobwebs and do some Fallen shooting.

Before I’d even fired a shot of the rifle I’d noticed how easy you lose health. I took a couple of rounds from one of the Fallen (on purpose) and my health depleted fairly quickly, done in the style of a regenerating bar (take hits, take cover, regenerate) the only difference is if you take too much damage the game notifies you that your death is imminent.

Shooting can be done from the hip or down the sights and the weapons have recoil you can feel so an unstable weapon does bounce around a fair bit. All enemies have a weakspot and the most obvious is the head. Melee is powerful and useful for pushing back enemies that get too close. Melee is also powerful for the enemy, use it wisely. Ammo types are plentiful and gear drops are fairly steady from fallen enemies.

I sat in cover and dipped in and out to pick my shots and found this generally helped me through the first tutorial mission going solo.

The generally accepted currency in the game seems like it is something called glimmer. You receive this by killing certain enemies or breaking down gear and weapons. However I’ve noticed some locked currencies which seem to be distinguished by class but I’m not sure how that works yet.

Levelling up is done by earning XP and hitting level thresholds (fairly standard) and thus being awarded ability points. I went for the Warlock this time around, weapons do not seem to dependent on class unlike armour and ability levels differ slightly. Early on you unlock the abilities, firstly a grenade throw, then a super charged ability and finally a strong melee. That is as far as I’ve got.

Overall, if you’re into more tactical shooting games or are interested in looting and upgrading characters and gear, Destiny so far has the best of both worlds. I’m not the biggest fan of first person shooters but for now Destiny has my attention. My only suggestion would be to use a fireteam as you all support one another and compliment each others abilities. Making some of the tougher areas slightly easier than going alone.

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