Dead Space 3 Preview

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Dead Space 3 the third instalment of the Dead Space franchise is available to buy in stores and from online retailers. Currently one of our team is playing through the campaign and our comprehensive review will be coming soon but until then some news is available for you fans of the franchise to digest.

Visceral Games have announced that gamers can extend Isaac’s already punishing adventure in March with Dead Space 3 Awakened which is added downloadable content. (Poor Isaac never gets a break) In Dead Space 3 Awakened, players will experience even more gruesome and tense Necromorph fights than ever before. This should be interesting; especially considering dismemberment is the favoured theme throughout Dead Space.

” The DLC will be the same Dead Space 3 action but just more gruesome “

The pack is rumoured to be available in March to download for approximately a tenner.

If you aren’t entirely sure if you will buy Dead Space 3 and want to have an experience of try before you buy the Dead Space 3 Demo is available for public download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Dead Space 3 demo showed players some serious advances in the Dead Space gameplay, battles are often and frantic but unbelievably tense and by tense we mean four advancing Necromorphs at pace combined with a particularly gruelling reload time from Isaac means you are always making sure you have a full clip at the ready. The demo also showed of the hotly anticipated co-op mode (see our Game Lock in Event Video) and gave a taster of tense atmosphere that the Dead Space franchise is renowned for. The drill scene in the demo quite clearly showed off the level of intensity Dead Space 3 will contain.

The demo displayed the differences between the co-operative and single player campaigns and how having a partner in tow isn’t always a good thing as you want to look after your partner as much as yourself. Meaning you do enough worrying for two people.

In co-op, players take on the role of Sergeant John Carver, a soldier who lost his family to the Necromorph infestation. There are certain benefits to playing as Carver as you can unlock story details, side missions and gameplay mechanics that you will only get by playing through Dead Space 3 as him.

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