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First time around when Child of Light was released I didn’t give it a whirl. It was one of those games I fancied but never got around to playing. Luckily Microsoft have been good enough to negotiate some kind of deal with Ubisoft to distribute the game as part of games with gold. The game doesn’t take long to download and for free it’s definitely worth downloading it.

You may have played this already, but If you’re like me and never given it a go, do it and do it now. Once Child of Light was downloaded, got past the main menu and the story started straight away I was a little apprehensive of the graphics style and weren’t sure what the story would entail. Please, please do not turn off at this point, Child of Light is a prime example of a game which has the ability to hold your attention, be enjoyed and takes up your time regardless of graphics.

The last paragraph ends, which could be read as a negative point and to be clear it isn’t. Child of Light is a well put together game. The graphics, sounds and gameplay, after a while blend into a whole charming and vibrant experience. Spending time within Lemuria (the game world) I find myself smiling at the character interaction, the intriguing storyline and the constant subtleties such as the rhyming dialogue. The best thing is I didn’t notice the dialogue was even rhyming until I’d picked up my first party member. Aurora is your name and you’re a Child of Light. Aurora has a bright companion known as Igniculus a firefly.

Gameplay is based on exploration screen by screen. You start of on foot and after a brief tutorial Aurora earns her wings and you’re able to fly around the enemy populated territories. Aurora can choose to engage or bypass the enemies as you see fit, the rule to employ is attack everything and level up, level up, level up. Leveling up is done in a traditional role playing fashion, awarding XP for enemies defeated in battle. Battle gameplay is a turn based combat with actions selected by the ‘active’ party member. Luckily all party members receive XP regardless of participation in combat. Once characters level they receive a skill point to apply to a skill tree, this further enhances your party strength and potency in combat.

This isn’t a review as such but just a quick opinion on this game. It’s fun and it’s free. Download it whilst you can and take advantage of receiving a decent title that is worthy of your precious time.

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