The Candy Crush Addiction – Why is it a Winner? Must Get Lives…

Candy Crush Addiction feature
Candy Crush… Candy bloody Crush. Well I’ve downloaded it for the purposes of this article and in honesty I can’t get off it.

I find myself playing in dead times, a quick go here and there, whether its sitting in a pub being bored of other people’s conversations, waiting for the rest of the footy team to get changed, soaking in the bath, giving the missus five minutes peace. Candy Crush serves a purpose and the purpose is to kill time and have fun while doing it.

For those of you that haven’t played it I suggest having a go and you will be able to relate.
So why is Candy Crush an addiction? The simple answer is because it is simple, the concept exists already (which has just been modified) and the game isn’t too ‘pushy’ on the in game transaction stuff and is perfectly playable for free. (Something some FTP platforms fail to adhere to) Candy Crush nails social media interaction and taps into the human psychology of immediacy amazingly well.

So imagine you’re playing Candy Crush, desperate to finish the level, you run out of lives, three choices spend money to complete it, request lives from friends or wait for allocated life time to lapse awarding ‘free’ lives.

Answer is for those that don’t have friends to either wait or pay, if you have friends blast your social media friends list and milk it for lives.

King are very smart here and encourages download and sign up via Facebook, originally before game requests became the norm, people signed up, played and began sharing.

Candy Crush is still enjoyable and is extremely competitive, the missus is ahead of me on the Candy Trail and I’m upset, I need to win.

Candy Crush! Sweet!

The basic premise is to move candies to create rows or columns of three or more, or more will create special candies which are capable of exploding when matched, wiping out entire rows or columns, or blasting all candies of the same variety. However match a couple of special candies for devastating candy crushing results.

The levels vary from speed scoring runs, removing jellies or bringing ingredients to the bottom of the grid. Some levels limit the number of moves and some limit time. The key to Candy Crush is to take your time and think like a Chess player – 2-3 moves ahead.

So if you haven’t had the displeasure of being ignored by someone playing Candy Crush have a go and do it to others. If you play the game sign up using Facebook and add us we’ll be happy to send you lives!

Happy crushing!


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