Call of Duty: How (not) to Handle the Hype

I spent the last 9 months convincing myself, out of principle, that i wouldn’t buy this years installment of Call of Duty.

Having suffered disappointment for the past 4 years after shelling out the £45+ each time I was determined not to get dragged in again. I did a fantastic job, ignoring articles and Facebook posts, youtube trailers and leaked footage, even the stands in retailers couldn’t shake my resolve …. until the day before release. Sat in my lounge playing with the TV on in the background I heard a riff from “Salute your solution” – I lifted my head up and BAM!!, CoD slapped me right between the eyes.

That’s when the Hype took hold.

I spent the next 3 hours trying to work out the cheapest way of getting my hands on it and googling the difference between a day zero edition or otherwise. (I still couldn’t tell you to this day) I took in a years worth of hype in 24 hours and the end result – Tesco came through with the best deal, after combining a few vouchers, coupons and and instore deal i picked up a copy of the PS4 day zero edition and £25 of pan network vouchers for £46.

So here I am again, ranking up and switching loadouts into the night. So I say well done Activision, you don’t always get it right but when it comes to marketing you’ve got it spot on.

Check back for my CoD:AW campaign review and Marks guide to multiplayer.

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