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COD Zombies

Origins is the final Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies offering is their most ambitious to date. Set within German trenches in World War 1, players given the chance to experience how the Zombies story all began, as told by the infamous Samantha. It has a huge abundance of things to do and secrets to find, even by the usual standard set by previous Zombies maps.

It is also one of the hardest Zombies maps to survive on during the early rounds, and this guide aims to give you a handy, easy to read yet detailed series of tips, tricks and locations of importance that you can scan and use mid-round.



  • The Primary Objective

You’ll want to unlock all areas of the map as soon as possible, while also activating every generator. You’ll want to do this and have 5,000 points to spare by round 7.

You’ll want to do this because, by round 8, a Panzer Soldat will drop in once you unlock No Man’s Land. Killing him is very, very difficult both Solo and as a Team unless you have the Ray Gun Mk2 or the Boomhilda, which is the Pack’a’Punched starting pistol.

The Ray Gun Mk2 is an extremely rare weapon found the Mystery Box, and getting one before Round 8 is highly unlikely, so while it may seem harder work, getting the starting pistol Pack’a’Punched is actually much easier to get, and works just as well.

  • Maximize Points!

Between rounds 1 to 7 you’ll want to be squeezing as many points out of each Zombie as possible. In rounds 1 & 2, use your pistol to soften zombies up before stabbing ’em.

You’ll want to then but the M14 off the wall and use that to soften ’em up before stabbing. With the M14, the equation for figuring out how many max shots a zombie can take in the chest without dying is: current round number + 1. So if you’re on round 5, they take 6 shots to the chest without dying.

If you get Double Points, fantastic! If you get a max ammo, swap to your pistol again and use that to squeeze more points out of each Zombie thanks to the lower damage per bullet.

Also, the M14 is the only weapon you’ll want to buy. Don’t even take a roll on the Mystery Box until you’ve got the Boomhilda

  • Plan Your Route!

From the starting room where Generator 1 is located, you’ll have a choice of which route through the trenches you can take. Each route leads you past a Generator and into the Workshop, which in turn leads you into No Man’s Land.

Once at the workshop, you can then buy the door to the Generator you skipped in the Trenches from there, saving a few hundred points by buying one door instead of the two from the Spawn room

Make sure to activate every Generator you come across as soon as you can. Sure it costs points but you get those points back along with a little extra as long as you are stood on the Generator when it finishes activating.

Once No Man’s Land is open (hopefully by round 3 or 4), you can then unlock access to Generator 4 and 6, and the Excavation Site in the center of the map. You should be able to manage all this by Round 6 or 7 at the latest.

  • Pain Train!

Once you have access to the wide open area of No Man’s Land, you’ll want to be gathering all possible Zombies up in a Pain Train behind you. This involves you letting every Zombie that spawns in chase you around as you follow a circular route around a part of the map. On Origins, the two best places to do this are around Generators 4 and 5.

There are two main reasons why the Pain Train strategy is not only vital in Origins but also key to surviving the high rounds in any Zombies Map.

Firstly, it’s the safest method of crowd control available thanks to two important factors; Zombies cannot outrun you and only a set number of Zombies can exist on the map at any one time. As Zombies spawn in and follow you, make sure you don’t kill them. Simply take your time and let them all follow behind you. Shortly, they’ll stop spawning in and therefore the route ahead of you will always be free of Zombies, because they’re all behind you!

Secondly, bullet penetration means that once the Zombies have stopped spawning in, you can safely start to shoot into the train of Zombies behind you and accumulate anywhere between 20 and 100 points per bullet. Basically every time a bullet hits a Zombie, it earns you 10 points, so if that bullet travels through multiple Zombies, it’ll earn you 10 points per Zombie.

The most important part of Pain Training is to pick an area to ‘Train’ in. It needs be a large area that allows for a circular path to be run that has walls/obstacles that ‘herd’ Zombies in a tighter group. It needs to be away from other players so that yours and their Zombies don’t split off from a Train and surprise you.  The path you choose also needs to be as spacious as possible, allowing you to avoid any Zombies that run at you head on while allowing you escape routes into the map should something go wrong.


Advanced Strategies

  • Perk Choices

Naturally, your first Perk choice should be Juggernog. This one’s a no-brainer really. The second no-Brainer is Speed Cola. This one, located by Generator 3, is expensive but a must buy to help keep you safe and in the action.

Your next two perk choices are slightly more flexible and can be bought from either the Perk Machines or left upto the random nature of the Wunderfizz Machine. If you go for Wunderfizz, you can also potentially get PHD Flopper and Electric Cherry, as well as perks like Mule Kick for a fraction of its normal price.

Personally, I buy Stamin-Up from Generator 5, and then Mule Kick from the Excavation Site. This gives me an extra weapon in the higher rounds, and it means I can sprint quicker and for longer, allowing me to avoid threats and respond to teammates faster.

However, you should always consider having one member of your team using Quick Revive, and if you’re playing Solo this should always be one of the perks you choose.

Make sure you buy all four perks from the machine before claiming your reward for spending 30,000 Points. This is because Double Tap, which doubles your fire rate and damage per shot, can be claimed as a fifth perk if you already have four when you unlock it.

  • Buildable Items

Make sure you build the Zombie Shield as soon as you can. Even if you don’t actively use it as weapon, it sits on your back and protects you from attacks from the rear. It can really save your life if your Pain Train catches up to you, and all the parts can be found once you access No Man’s Land.

The Maxis Drone, which can only be fully built once you gain access to Generator 6, serves as a vital means of defense once deployed. It will cut through Zombies and, should a teammate go down, it’ll even revive that teammate! Sure, it has a limited amount of time it can spend in the air before running out of power and recharging back where you built it, but it really is invaluable in a pinch.

  • The Elemental Staffs

The Elemental Staffs are perhaps the most awesome weapons ever added into Call of Duty Zombies. They aren’t just for show either; the are seriously powerful and all have different elemental effects in addition to their sheer killing ability.

And once you upgrade them into their Ultimate versions you’ll gain access to some truly god-like attacks. However, for now, let’s just focus on finding the parts.

You can start collecting parts to each staff, consisting of three staff parts and a musical record for each one, from the very start, but some parts only become available after certain requirements are met. You’ll also have to unlock the central Excavation Site and locate the Gramophone and White Musical Record in order to unlock the area where you build the Staffs.

Here’s a handy list of all the part locations to get you started:


Staff of Fire

  • Firstly, you’ll get a part off the corpse of the first Panzer Soldat you kill.
  • Activate Generator 6 and collect the part from the open chest nearby.
  • Within the Church, either on some Pews on the top floor or on some crates next to the Tank (you’ll have to move the Tank).
  • There will be a plane flying around after you unlock the Church. This plane glows yellow and makes a distinct engine noise. Shoot it and it’ll explode; the part will come to settle in No Man’s Land.
  • Place the Gramophone on a table in the Fire Tunnel near Generator 2. Take the crystal from the red altar.

Staff of Lightning

  • The Disc  is either at the end of the Wind tunnel near Generator 5, on a small generator, in a wagon across from Generator 5, to the left of the giant mech’s footprint if you comign from the dig site, and the third on the table at Generator 5.
  • While riding the Tank, there are three specific points where you can jump off onto otherwise inaccessible paths. There’s one path on the right as you approach the Tank Station. After the Tank Station there’s one on the left as you pass the Excavation Site and then soon after on your right as you approach the Church.
  • Find the Lightning Tunnel next to the Stamin-Up machine, marked with a sign, and place the Gramophone on the table. Grab the crystal inside and return to the trenches.

Staff of Ice

  • Get the disc from the shelves in the Bunker next to Generator 2.
  • Wait for it to start snowing. Once it does, parts will be discoverable from Dig Spots around the map; each part is located randomly in the Trenches, No Man’s Land and the area near the Church. They can all be dug up in one round,
  • Go to the Ice Tunnel underneath the church and place the Gramophone to create a portal. Grab the Ice crystal.

Staff of Wind

  • The disc will be randomly located around Generator 5.
  • The remaining parts are located within each of the three Giant Robots that stalk the map; one across the Trenches, one across No Man’s Land and one across the Church.
  • You enter the Robots via their feet; one foot will be lit with a circle of lights. This indicates that you can shoot the foot to ‘open’ it. It can be done with any weapon, and once ‘opened’ you have to get stepped on by that foot.
  • Travel to the Wind Tunnel near Generator 4 and collect the crystal.


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