Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies (Buried) – Teddy Bear Locations For The Easter Egg Song

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You know the score; you’ve shot hoards and hoards of Zombies to hell, you’ve got your favourite perks, you got lucky on the mystery box and managed to Pack-A-Punch your weapon of choice.

What else is left to do other than set up camp and rock out to a Zombie killing anthem?! To get the Easter Egg song to play though in Buried (the new Zombies map in the Vengeance DLC), you need to find 3 Teddy Bears. It’s ok though, I’ve got you covered there.


Teddy Bear 1:

When you start the game, slide your ass down the hole into the room with the Quick Revive perk machine. Keep your ears out for that mystical noise coming from the Teddy, you should see it directly on your right. All you need to do is walk up to it, hold down ‘X’ for Xbox 360 users and whatever that reflects if you’re on PS3 which I’m guessing is ‘Square’.

Teddy Bear 2:

Everyone loves Candy right? Head over to the Candy Store (or Sweet shop from where I’m from). To do this you’ll need some cash for a door or two. On the ground floor of the Sweet shop, there are some barrels; one of which will contain a bloodied Teddy Bear. Activate it using the same method.

Teddy Bear 3:

This is the most risky one of the lot and may end up costing you a fair amount of cash, or even your life if you’re not careful enough. The Haunted Mansion is where you need to get to. Once you’ve gained access to the grounds and opened the doors, be prepared to lose what cash you have as the ghosts have sticky fingers if they get too close to you. Immediately to your right is a room with another perk machine, run in there and check the corner of the room on the left as you go in. Activate the Teddy Bear and get the hell out of the Mansion. The only way to do that is up and out.


If you make it out alive, fair play to you! You’ll now be able to rock out with your Glock out and kill some Zombies in style.

I hope this was useful for you. If you have any questions about Buried, leave a comment and I’ll do all I can to enlighten you.

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