Best Xbox 360 Minecraft Seeds We Come Across in 2013


With the ‘Indie’ juggernaut that is Minecraft coming to the Xbox One and with its popularity on the 360 showing no sign of slowing down, we have compiled a list of the very best and most unique seeds we have come across.

Minecraft’s twelfth title update is forthcoming, so whether you are looking for a diamond filled world or a vast desert expanse, we’ve got you covered. So check out our favourite seeds and feel free to comment with any of your own.


11001 – Kevin Costner would be proud of this Waterworld environment, open seas and very few scattered islands make this world a tricky one to survive and gather valued resources.

-572343264 – This seed has everything, mountains, trees, ravines, caves and even Mushroom biomes. Many consider this the best seed on the Xbox and you can certainly see why. Survival isn’t hard but the sheer variety on offer makes this good for the creator.


Bandaar – Vast desert, so if you are looking for that tricky survival game then this could be for you, there are a few villages in close proximity, but in general there is little but desert around.

48 – Another everyman map. Covering all the features you’d want with oceans, mountains, forest, mushroom, grasslands and swamp. Two villages, multiple dungeons, three mineshafts and a stronghold.

712066610 – If you are looking for villages, then this one will be right up your street. Nine villages with five blacksmiths ready to be populated. Many of the Villages are found in desert locations but there are plenty of ravines and biomes around.


Ibeextoycat – Diamonds are forever would be the soundtrack to this seed, they are in abundance on this map. Most found in the same mineshaft with some additional ones in a Blacksmith chest.  If you are looking to horde some bling then this is the seed for you.

586515004 – If you want a fairly flat map but with features, then this one fits the bill. A large swamp area for that Everglades feel along with large plains, desert and even some good snow areas. There are no villages however so if you want that old school Xbox Minecraft experience this may be perfect.


-130153727 – Snow covered mountains; very little greenery and a great Nether Fortress make this a very unique map. There are no mushroom biomes, no villages and no deserts, but there is still fun to be had.


*Please note that as title updates are implemented seeds may vary in content.

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3 Responses

  1. gavin says:

    one seed is peepee butt 5000

  2. Spiderfighter9 says:

    Hi folks I am going to tell you a seed that I made up its JumboTanasic close to spawn there is a sand wall on the map it is X:-179,Y:66,Z:-362 dig down when your there then you’ll drop in a cave you’ll find lots of iron down there you will also find a mineshaft with a cave spider spawner. Up on ground it is a tropical island with loads of trees some small caves with lots of iron and coal you will find a fair amount of animals you’ll mostly find wolfs that you can tame and there is sheep that you can find as well. This tropical island does not have all of the biomes but there’s one mushroom island biome witch is pretty damn cool. Well I hope you all enjoyed this seed this seed is only for xbox 360 edition only but otherwise it’s quite a cool living the life tropical island hope you like it see you all soon bye!

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