American Horror Story: Freak show – Update

If you love horror, then you should already know all about American Horror Story and its coming new series ‘Freak Show’, due to air on FOX UK in October.

But in case you’ve been hiding behind a pillow these last few months I thought I’d write a quick few words so you don’t miss out on this truly great TV show.

Like ‘Murder House’, ‘Asylum’ and ‘Coven’, (previous seasons of AHS – for those who don’t know.) ‘Freak Show’ is its own story with no direct ties with any of the other seasons. So expect your favourite cast members to be back and possibly in some unsavoury roles this time.

Set in Florida, Jessica Lange is running one of the last remaining Freak Shows in the 1950s. Of which just some acts included are a Two Headed Woman, a Bearded Lady, a Three Legged Woman, The Caged Lady, The World’s Smallest Woman and many other acts that comprise the Freak show. (There are also males) My personal favourite is already a killer clown who looks terrifying and quite similar to Tim Curry’s ‘It’.

Every Season of AHS is like a 12 hour-long movie. A specific horror genre or theme is always the main focus for the story, but with many arteries branching away giving various horror sub-plots to the series; which stop it from becoming predictable and boring.

But to be honest, I think it’s impossible to find it boring with having such great cast members like Jessica Lange, who has won me as a fan for her roles in AHS, and I’m sure is overjoyed from hearing this.

Kathy Bates and a full list of other brilliant recurring actors and with the awesome creative minds behind the camera, there can be no disappointment from this horror anthology series.

Freak Show has great potential to be the darkest and most horrifying series yet, and I certainly cannot wait for it.

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