3 Days to Kill


Kevin Costner makes a return to old form in this film with screenplay brought to you by Luc Besson. If you don’t know who Luc Besson is, a quick google will tell you he is fully indulged in action films and his CV covers the likes of Taken and Transporter.

Costner being recently deceased in Man of Steel, plays a character with a penchant for death. His character is waiting for it but also dishing it out by the bucket load.

Terminally ill Ethan Renner is an ex CIA agent with not enough time on his hands. He spent most of his daughter’s early years invisible to her. Dedicated to the job he saw her so occasionally. His daughter Zooey is played by 20 year old Hailee Steinfeld and unfortunately as the film went along I began to find her character slightly annoying and a bit too dramatic at all given opportunities.

Ethan is out of the CIA on medical grounds with his pittance of a pension and beautiful long service award gold watch, time is not on his side. Ethan is offered a lifeline, quite literally, by a shadowy government figure Vivi Delay (interesting play on the surname). Amber Heard whom you may recognise as the fit bird out of Drive Angry or Never Back Down, plays the shadowy agent really well and at times it was difficult to trust her.

From Ethan’s point of view it doesn’t matter whether he trusts her, he jumps in, he’s got no choice or any second chances. At this point the dangerous game of cat and mouse between Ethan and his antagonists begin.

Ethan has two main enemies to be aware of, The Wolf and The Albino. The Albino is a particularly creepy character to watch. He comes across as a little sadistic and does a couple of shocking kills early on so you know to keep an eye firmly on him.

The Wolf seems a lot less sadistic and is more likely to be the brains of the operation, which is surprising as you may recognise him out of Inglorious Bastards, he is the extremely loyal German soldier who ends up on the wrong side of the Bear Jew’s baseball bat. He is seeking out more unsavoury endeavours this time around.

The basic premise is that Ethan has to recover some an item of interest for the CIA which the Wolf and the Albino have in their possession. In exchange Ethan gets doses of a miracle cancer drug designed to extend his time until death. Once he starts his journey the action ensues. There are some quite brutal fight scenes and for a seriously sick guy Ethan can handle getting bashed around a bit.

The action is broken up with Ethan trying to please his daughter and failing miserably, apart from a few moments of niceties with his daughter. Which are slightly ruined by his over dramatic princess type daughter.

Ethan struggles to keep his ‘work’ and personal life colliding and it all comes to a head in a pretty explosive scene.

Overall, Costner does great and looks as though he is actually putting effort into his acting again. As some of the scenes felt long winded and the daughter pretty much got on my nerves I’d say a three out of five which would translate into a six out of ten is a fair score to give. As far as scoring goes I’m not sure how effective it is but there it is nonetheless.

My personal opinion is that if you like your action films you’ll enjoy this, it does nothing new and isn’t going to make you wet yourself with glee from some of the fight scenes but it is a good effort and decent all rounder. Worth picking up for a watch either in the evening with a glass of red or on a cosy but suitable Sunday afternoon.

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